SAGE 100c

Formerly MAS 90/MAS 200
& Sage 100 ERP

Unite your Entire Business at an Affordable Price

Sage 100c is a powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution ideal for small and mid-sized businesses.  With a broad selection of feature-rich modules including core accounting and finance, business intelligence, customer relationship management (CRM), eBusiness, human capital management, payroll, manufacturing, distribution, innovative customization and a low monthly cost, Sage 100c offers flexibility that enables you to build the platform that best fits your business needs.

Sage 100c is perfect for businesses that have outgrown their current accounting software or manual processes, and now need a business management solution that collects, stores, manages and interprets data across the business. Sage 100c gives you the tools you need to manage products, orders, customers, finances and operations and the insight you need to reduce cost, stay in compliance, deliver value to your customers, and manage growth.

Grow Faster, Smarter

When it’s time to move beyond simple accounting software, you can count on Sage 100c to manage your manufacturing, distribution, and retail processes from end to end.  Unite your entire business at an affordable price with this intuitive and customizable solution so you can grow revenues, reduce costs, and increase profitability.

Upgrading from Sage 100 to Sage 100c?

Smarter and easier to use, Sage 100c shortens the learning curve with a new, modernized interface.  Sage 100c is a subscription based plan with bundled modules and pricing for multiple services. It offers the same functions as Sage 100 but with additional benefits such as a modernized user interface, Sage Intelligence Reporting, Sage Inventory Advisor Basics and Sage University. Contact us to upgrade today!

What Happened to MAS 90 and MAS 200?

The Sage 100c product has been called many things throughout the years, including Sage 100 ERP, MAS 90 and MAS 200.  In 2012, Sage rebranded MAS 90 as Sage 100 Standard ERP and MAS 200 would become Sage 100 Advanced ERP.  Sage 100 Premium ERP included an SQL Server Database.  In order to “refresh” and modernize the same product, Sage has released a “deluxe” version known as Sage 100c.

Connected, Collaborative, and Customer-Focused

The “c” in Sage 100c stands for connected, collaborative, and customer-focused.  In total, Sage 100c offers over 20 enhancements and upgraded features that allow you to use the trusted Sage 100 solution you’ve counted on for years without sacrificing the benefits of modern technology. Utilize mobile & cloud technologies with a modernized user interface without disrupting your business.

Sage 100c Optional Add-Ons

Sage CRM
Customer Relationship Management software that fully integrates with Sage 100 & Sage 100c. Find new customers, reduce sales cycles, and build lasting, more profitable relationships across the board. Read More
Sage Fixed Assets
Powerful, easy-to-use fixed asset management solution designed to meet the asset-management needs of businesses and organizations of all sizes. Read More
A comprehensive, fully customizable HR management solution for small and midsized businesses. Improve effectiveness and make better decisions across all key HR tasks. Read More
Sage Payment Solutions
Take payments smoothly and securely. Whenever. Wherever. Accept multiple types of payment anywhere, including your store, online, over the phone, or in the field. Read More
Sage Alerts & Workflow
An invisible assistant for your business. This enterprise-wide activity monitoring application combines business intelligence, alerts, and workflow to keep you on top of your business. Read More
Credit Card processing that will reduce complexity, streamline processing and exceed customer expectations while reducing processing fees and improving company cashflow. Read More
Sage Payroll
A better way to manage key payroll functions with the highest customer retention rates in the payroll industry. Read More
Avalara Avatax
A complete, end-to-end sales and use tax compliance solution built to grow with your business. Make sales tax compliance less taxing. Read More
ACCuRight Royalty Tracking
A comprehensive rights management solution for Sage 100 ERP that will help you manage the complexity of accurately tracking royalty usage. Read More
Budget Maestro
Budget Maestro by Centage is an easy-to-use, scalable budgeting and forecasting solution designed for small to midmarket companies. Read More

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