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Automate and
Streamline your Budgeting Process

Budget Maestro by Centage is an easy-to-use, scalable budgeting and forecasting solution designed for small to midmarket companies. The software automates many of the time consuming and error-prone tasks associated with using spreadsheets and generates more accurate budgets and forecasts. With unique, built-in accounting rules and formula free calculations, this next generation budgeting solution goes far beyond the capabilities of Excel, offering organizations like yours a more reliable way to budget and plan.

Budget Maestro is a powerful solution for the finance team, an easy-to-use tool for budget contributors and a critical resource for decision-makers throughout any organization. Its extensive capabilities offer significant time savings, deeper insight into your financial operations and total confidence in the accuracy of your results.

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Eliminate Spreadsheet Frustration

Spreadsheets serve many functions, but as a budgeting tool, they’re prone to errors–from broken formulas to faulty macros. If it’s not Excel then it’s a second generation’ spreadsheet-based solution. So, you’re in the same predicament–with difficult to maintain, inflexible formulas that are the basis of your budget. Budgeting with these tools is a very manual and time-consuming process that is extremely complex, inflexible and difficult to maintain, particularly when you want to run different scenarios against an already fragile model.

View Enhanced Reports And Graphics

Budget Maestro’s enhanced reporting capability provides greater visibility into your business through accurate and reliable graphical
representations of your budget data. Drawing data directly from your GL and sales order processing, you can create self-serve reports quickly, easily and accurately without extensive programming or IT involvement. Reports and customizable dashboards can then be delivered to anyone in the organization automatically, eliminating manual report bundling and distribution.

Up and Running in Days, Not Months

Budget Maestro was designed for fast, easy implementation. With little or no assistance from IT, you’ll be up and running in days. The system guides you through loading the essential data that describes your business–all based on real language prompts, wizards, preformatted templates, and menus. No programming or formulas are necessary. Once the business model is set up, you can automatically upload data from your GL or ERP system and let budget contributors enter information about their areas of responsibility

Build and Deliver Smart Budgets

Budget Maestro is the only platform supporting the emerging Smart Budgets trend. Smart Budgets are easy to build and change by the
people who need them most. They let all budget owners work together, so your budget aligns the needs of each team with the needs of the
business. Accurate, forward-looking balance sheet and cash flow statements give you a real-time line of sight into your business, speed decision making and deliver useful business information all year long.

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