Step 7 of the ACC Software Solutions ERP Implementation Process: Post ERP Implementation Support

There’s no doubt that post implementation go-live excitement is a real thing. After months of planning and team meetings, your ERP system is finally up and working. Now, all you want to do is sit back, let the system do its job, and celebrate your success.

Be careful, though. All that sitting back, and celebration means that no one is devoting time into getting your ERP software off the ground and ensuring the system doesn’t stumble out of the gate. Your new ERP system can actually end-up crashing because your project team hasn’t considered a post go-live plan. After all, an ERP system is a significant investment, and you want it to benefit your company for many years to come. Don’t let complacency undo everything you put into your ERP implementation, consider the future, not just the go-live date.

A proficient project team will have a solidified a post go-live plan prior to the actual go-live date. When building your post ERP implementation plan, make sure to keep these key factors in mind:

    • Create a roadmap
    • Look for opportunities to automate processes
    • Create a regular maintenance plan
    • Create a detailed documentation of the project
      • Standard operating procedures
      • Technical Details
      • Software help guide
      • Instructional videos / webinars
      • Helpful blogs
    • Align with your implementation partner

During the immediate post go-live time frame, you may have a flood of support requests from your team that you didn’t have the day before… user issues, technical questions, change management concerns, etc.. But remember, the ACC Software Solutions team will support you through every step of your implementation…and beyond. The purpose of the post go-live process is to optimize the use of your ERP solution.

Here are some of the processes that ACC Software Solutions will assist you with during the seventh step of your ERP implementation:

    • Provide post go-live support
    • Spend time to train end-users
      • Listen for feedback
        • How are your operational and technical support teams adapting to the new environment and any changes in their roles?
        • Are they adequately trained?
      • Include a continuous training plan
    • Manage expectations
      • Determine what needs fixing
    • Review goals and KPIs


After the hyper care phase, your support requirements will settle into a steady state. This is where your ACC support plan will come into play. With unlimited access to our technical support team, on-demand training videos, and regular check-ins, your post implementation will be smooth sailing.

Despite its name, the ERP post go-live phase shouldn’t just be treated as an afterthought. It’s a critical period of transition within your business, and should be treated with careful planning, care, and involvement from the entire team—or you could risk the success of that expensive piece of software. If you’re looking for advice on how to plan for ERP post go-live, or are currently already struggling through a tough implementation, contact ACC software Solutions! We have over 25 years of ERP project experience and can jump in—at any stage—to help your project achieve true success!

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