After ERP implementation, employees who will use the technology are trained on how to use the new software. However, software systems are constantly improving and updating which can cause employees confusion while working in the system. By hosting ongoing staff software training, your staff will feel confident and prepared to do their job effectively and be well versed in the updated technology. 


Benefits of Ongoing Software Training


Acquiring New Skills 

It is recommended after adoption of a new ERP software that employees who will be using it receive formal training. Technically, training is not required and you could let users “figure it out.” However, not having proper training for users wastes time and does not adhere to best practices. The goal of ERP software is to increase business efficiency and productivity, so the “figure it out” approach would not go well. 


By continuing training with employees, you give them the skills necessary to perform their job well and confidently. Also, this investment actually grows your biggest asset; your employees. Although there is no physical ROI or Return on Investment, the money and times saving can be classified as the ROI. 


Happy Employees 

Software training contributes to staff personal development. No one loves the idea of being thrown into a new application with no clue how to use it. By continuing ongoing training, software confusion is eliminated and gives employees the ability to use the software with confidence. 

Also, by sending employees for further training, you show them that they are an asset to the company. Showing employees you care by investing in their personal development creates a sense of trust and belonging. Employees who know how to do their job because of proper training are happier and more confident in their employer’s abilities. 


Keeping Up To Date 

Being up to date technologically is important to stay on top of the competition. In order to do so, it is vital to stay on top of best practices and market trends. This is especially important in terms of updates and upgrades. You should consider employee training when a new version of a software is released to avoid the knowledge gap between the predecessor and new update. 

Users should know how to use the latest industry updates but that comes at a loss if no training is involved. Consider implementing a training schedule around the time of newest releases.

Reduce Business Costs 

Not only do employees benefit from learning new skills in their software but so do the businesses themselves. Having your staff trained correctly reduces employee turnover. It makes more fiscal sense to spend 1500 dollars training a staff member than losing 30,000 due to an employee leaving because they cannot do their job correctly. In fact, A recent study by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development found that 95% of hiring managers considered employee training as a key retention tool – and it’s not hard to see why. Employees want to be actively involved in their job functions. One of the main reasons companies decide not to invest in further education is the feat the employee will leave. According to a Middlesex University study, Only 23% of workers stated that they viewed training as a way of increasing their skills before leaving for new employment.


As you can see, keeping employees trained and up to date on software they use everyday only has benefits. Employees will be more productive, confident and happier in their jobs. Are you ready to invest in training? ACC Software Solutions has multiple training options for ERP software! Visit our Training page to find specific dates or if you don’t see what you’re looking for contact us at 856-335-1010.

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