Step 8 of the ACC Software Solutions ERP Implementation Process: Post ERP Implementation Training


You did it, your ERP implementation went as planned and your new system is up and running! But your roadmap doesn’t stop there.

As with any tool, an ERP system is only as good as its end-users. Investing the time and energy to properly train your team is the best way to guarantee you get the most out of your investment and provide your business with the resources it needs to effectively manage daily operations. Other benefits of training include:

  • Avoids lost time and labor correcting errors
  • Avoids siloed, institutional knowledge within the team
  • Standardizes the training experience for the entire team
  • Allows for team feedback and process refinement

During the eight and final step of your ERP implementation with ACC Software Solutions, our team will provide you with the best post implementation practices to secure the benefits of your new ERP software. Here are some post ERP implementation training items on our checklist:


Create a Training Plan

To expedite the training process, your training plan should be created during the beginning stages of your implementation. Check out Stage 4 of the ACC Implementation Plan to get a better understanding of how to plan end-user training. And don’t forget to include these key components in your training plan:

Training Timeline –This should align with the overall ERP implementation timeline and identify both when training is occurring and who is being trained. For example, your organization may have team-specific training for the sales team or warehouse team on January 1, and a company-wide training session on January 4.

Team Definition – Defines key personnel and teams within the organization. This helps to identify what type of training personnel will receive, and who will need to attend.

Communication Plan – Documents how, when, and what content will be included in training specific communications sent out to the organization.


Choose The Right Tools

To effectively convey the training plan, you must have the appropriate communication tools in place. Email is the most common tool for relaying information to team members but can often be ineffective and lack interaction. Consider a newer instant messaging platform to allow end users to seamlessly interact and collaborate with one another and your support team.

Additionally, end-users should have readily available access to training materials, such as training videos, system documentation, and technical support assistance. When working with ACC Software Solutions, our team will provide you with all of these materials.


Train the Trainer

During your initial training sessions, the ACC team will provide live training classes that are recorded and stored for your those who have a support agreement with ACC Software Solutions. These initial training sessions are intense and designed to ensure the organization is properly trained on the system, and that end-users are able to perform their day-to-day duties.

However, if you do not have a support agreement and your initial training phase has completed, these resources are no longer available, and the organization is left with a huge potential knowledge gap. One of the most simple and effective ways to overcome this gap is through implementing a “train the trainer” program within the organization.

The concept is fairly straightforward and involves designating key personnel within the organization that are responsible for the internal knowledge and development of training. These personnel attend ongoing ERP training sessions throughout the year and distribute the knowledge back to the organization internally.


Leverage Vendor Resources

An investment in an ERP system goes far beyond the purchase of software. It involves an ongoing relationship with your ERP software partner and service provider. This may include ongoing updates to documentation, support, upgrades, and training, depending upon your terms of service.

The ACC Software Solutions team provides ongoing support to all customers to ensure the success of their software. These events and materials include quarterly user group meetings, monthly newsletters, weekly blog posts, YouTube videos, an ISV summer series, and much more. To get the most out of your ERP software it’s important to leverage the resources that your partner provides.


Continuous training is the key to continuous success!

Guaranteeing the success of your ERP investment is a no-brainer. A proper ERP training plan is just as important after the go-live date as it is during the implementation. Success and ongoing training programs always go together!

When you team up with ACC Software Solution’s premier team of consultants, you’ll receive a team of experts committed to following ERP best practices, from selection to end user training.

Find out why manufacturers and distributors have come to us for over 25 years to execute their software projects—contact ACC Software Solutions today!

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