Don’t Fall Behind, Keep up with your ERP Upgrades

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is continuously being upgraded and enhanced. Over the past year, technology has improved rapidly, and the overall quality of new software versions are exponentially better than previous versions: bugs have been fixed, workflows have improved, and code updates have created an ERP software that is more efficient, faster, and more reliable.

Upgrading your ERP software on a regular basis will not only improve software functionality but provide you with the best tech options on the market.


Let’s take a closer look at the 5 benefits of ERP software upgrades.


Increased Quality and Efficiency.  The quality and efficiency of your ERP software is the possibly the most vital reason to upgrade your ERP software. Each new software version comes with new functional and technical features to theoretically add considerable value to your business. Such benefits include completing everyday business processes in a fraction or the time.

Lower Costs. You may be questioning, “How does upgrading my ERP software reduce costs?” The answer is simple. It’s better to pay more frequent, smaller fees that are a fraction of your total ERP investment than paying one large upgrade fee after delaying upgrades for several years, as stated in the Hidden Technology Debt blog.

To reduce your total costs, consider adapting the Always Current Program powered by ACC Software Solutions.

Security. With the increasing pressure to secure and protect data, security in your ERP software is exceptionally important. Data exposure can potentially produce catastrophic financial repercussions and cause irreversible damage to your business reputation.

Software developers are constantly searching for bugs and other security problems. Once the uncovered security flaws and minor changes have been made, software developers will release a newer, safer version of your software. While new software improvements are constantly being made, outdated ERP systems are not being actively checked for bugs and have an increased threat of security breaches.

Smoother Upgrade Implementations. Upgrading your ERP system on a regular basis will allow for a smoother transition to new software versions. If your software is on an outdated version and you need to transition to a much newer version, it will be more difficult to implement and train end users on the upgraded software. Chaotic upgrades will disrupt everyday business processes and reduce employee productivity. Again, this is another great reason to adapt the Always Current Program powered by ACC Software Solutions.

Support. As new ERP software versions are released, older software versions may no longer be supported. Due to the increased difficulty of maintaining old software, it’s common for technical support specialist to stop supporting your outdated ERP system.

To remain competitive in today’s increasingly competitive business world, it is essential to remain on an up-to-date software version.

For more information about maintaining your ERP software or to learn about the Always Current Program, please contact one of our support specialist today!


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