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Each year Acumatica releases two updates to their software, one in March and one in September. Below you will find Acumatica’s Press Release which includes the newest features in Acumatica 2021 R1.

In 2021 R1, we build even further on Acumatica’s comprehensive mobile image recognition capabilities. Acumatica users can seamlessly navigate to external URLs from General Inquiry results, saving time. We have also enhanced side panels by providing arranging and ordering capabilities. Acumatica users are now even better equipped to deliver their best work in less time.

Feature List for Usability:

  • Create CRM contacts automatically with mobile image recognition for business cards
  • Enhance side panels with ordering and visibility
  • Navigate seamlessly to external URLs from Generic Inquiry (GI) results
  • Easily send targeted customer communication through filtered GI results

Gain a Competitive Edge with Best-in-Class Functionality

Acumatica is tailor-made for midmarket growth businesses. Our platform delivers intelligent, industry-focused business functionality with the mission-critical capabilities and productivity aids required for Commerce, Construction, Distribution, Field Service, and Manufacturing. Acumatica provides best-in-class capabilities by embedding core functions into a single business-wide software suite. In 2021 R1, we deliver new features and enhancements to all our industry editions.

Feature List for Financials and CRM:

  • Simplify operations with centralized vendor management
  • Enhance the quality of your CRM data with Acumatica’s intelligent deduplication technology
  • Maximize potential sales and simplify support by tracking contacts on sales orders

Feature List for Distribution and Commerce Companies:

  • Streamline cross-company sales with stock items—and automatically create corresponding purchase orders and sales orders
  • Maximize product offerings to your target market through enhanced drop-ship workflows
  • Reduce collections by gathering commerce order risk data
  • Increase control through granular sync options with custom commerce fields

Feature List for Manufacturing and Field Service Companies:

  • Access product lifecycle management capabilities through Arena integration
  • Make accurate delivery commitments to customers through APS capable-to-promise capabilities
  • Simplify cost tracking by linking AP bills to field service appointments
  • Boost customer responsiveness by simplifying field service invoice correction

Feature List for Construction Companies:

  • Increase usability with Procore integration enhancements
  • Benchmark against peers and see how your company is performing with CFMA benchmark

Grow Your Business with a Powerful, Flexible Cloud Platform

Acumatica provides a future-proof cloud platform with native mobility, an intuitive user interface, and unique features that connect easily to extended applications with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our true cloud platform is optimized for performance, scalability, and security.

In 2021 R1, we continue to strengthen our AI/ML capabilities with mobile image recognition for business cards. We provide a visually intuitive KPI Meter on Acumatica dashboards—set dynamic goals and see how you’re tracking against your goals at-a-glance. Optimize all your application workflows with Acumatica’s sophisticated visual state automation engine. We also provide localization support in the French-Canadian language for our Canadian customers.

Feature List for Platform:

  • Use AI/ML-powered mobile image recognition for business cards
  • Set dynamic goals and track your KPIs at-a-glance with our new KPI Meter on dashboards
  • Support Canadian markets with localization support including the French-Canadian language
  • Optimize application workflows throughout the Acumatica suite with our workflow engine


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