The Acumatica 2021 R1 Launch occurred on Thursday, February 18th. This one-hour long premiere went in-depth with the new features of 2021 R1. Here are the highlights of the launch! 


The virtual launch began with Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica, live streaming from the American Car Museum. He discussed the excellence Acumatica continues to provide during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the pandemic is becoming more controlled, Acumatica has begun to focus on three aspects to continue their success: listening to customers, focusing on industries, and continuing to produce future proof technology.  After his short introduction to the events, the presentation continued with Ali Jani, Chief Product Officer. Jani excitedly shared what he was most looking forward to; the new usability features in Acumatica 2021 R1. The next speaker was Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, Chief Software Officer, who introduced the themes of the new release. 


  1. Save Time with Superior Usability 

  2. Gain Competitive Edge with Best-In-Class Functionality

  3. Grow Your Business with a Powerful, Flexible Cloud Platform  


The virtual event began with five demos showcasing the new usability features in this release. Jessica Gadbois, Partner Enablement Director and Doug Johnson,Vice President of Product Management, lead the demonstrations.

  1. Dashboard Updates 

  2. Advanced Notifications 

  3. Cross Company Sales Enablement 

  4. Generate Revenue with CRM

  5. Streamline Sales and Supply Chain 


Dashboard Updates 

Jessica began the demonstrations by introducing meter tiles, a new feature in the 2021 R1 release. Meter tiles look like a gas meter and are able to visually show how sales goals are being met by the company. They are able to be shared with others and copied to others dashboards using a simple click of a button! Another new feature shown to attendees were the new visibility conditions on side panels, another upgrade in 2021 R1. Finally, for our finance people, the financial dashboards can now show KPI tracking. 


Advanced Notifications 

Doug Johnson showed a new way to alert customers using notifications. He emphasized the introduction of no code/low code capabilities. By going to the “Notifications” tab in Acumatica, he was able to send an automated email to customers by setting a particular time frame and filtering using email. 


Cross Company Sales Enablement 


Doug and Jessica showed the new way to do cross company sales using the United States and Canadian countries. By including new automation features, they have made the process of purchasing, shipping, invoicing, and payment even easier across two companies. 


Generate Revenue with CRM


For those that utilize the mobile application, this new feature is especially interesting. Instead of manually entering new lead information, you can simply use the business card recognition feature which automatically reads the business card and enters the lead information. From there, you have access to the lead information and can make edits to where they are in the sales process. This is a great feature for busy sales people and speeds up the lead entering process. 


Streamline Sales and Supply Chain


This demonstration highlighted the enhanced linking of sales orders and purchase orders. It also reviewed how a customer can request an order change after a purchase order was delivered to a vendor. Finally, Doug and Jessica also showed how items can be returned directly to the vendors. 


After all of the demonstrations, attendees were invited to see new features within the four industry editions: manufacturing, distribution, commerce/retail and construction. These breakout sessions allowed those in attendance to dive deeper into the features specific to their industry. The employees at ACC Software Solutions enjoyed seeing the new features and updates in Acumatica 2021 R1 and are looking forward to working with the new technology.


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