Although Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are comprehensive and adaptable, the world has changed significantly over the years and ERP systems themselves have undergone a world of change.

Subsequently, whether it’s from an increasing misalignment between the ERP system and changing business demands, or the added capabilities and features of new software versions, many organizations find themselves overdue for an ERP upgrade. When updating your ERP to the most current software version, careful project planning is critical. Use this checklist to help you build a plan and track progress:

Establish a project team. Build a team of various individuals from different departments with the proper knowledge and to lead the project. Additionally, include end-users – warehouse employees, supply chain managers, marketing coordinators and sales professionals. These individuals will help you understand the limitations of your current system.

Determine the scope of your upgrade. Define what your solution upgrade must include to deliver the value you documented, along with “nice-to-haves” that could be sacrificed, if necessary. What functionalities are your looking for? What’s your budget?

Develop a timeline. Create a project timeline that reflects internal projects, and tentative project schedule with a target go-live date. This will help your vendor stay on track – just be sure to allow for some wiggle room, should the unexpected arise (it usually does).

Provide vendor with a detailed needs document. Reach out to your vendor and provide them with a list of your requirements, budget, and deadline.

Execute your plan. Once you’ve laid all that groundwork, it’s time to coordinate with your vendor (who will surely be impressed by how prepared you are). Establish a candid and open relationship in which all parties can express concerns, flag emerging risks, and work together toward solutions.

Provide on-going training for end-users. Make sure each team member has the bandwidth and skill set to execute their assigned tasks, then provide them with on-going training to increase performance.

Additionally, you can choose to join the ACC Always Current Program. This program is offered to SELECT ACC Software Solutions clients’ and is designed to keep your ERP solution on the most recent software version without lifting a finger. Clients who are qualified for the Always Current Program will be upgraded to the most recent version of their software on an agreed upon scheduled upgrade date and will automatically receive software updates on a fixed quarterly schedule. Additionally, customers are assigned a ‘Customer Monthly Maintenance Date’. On this date, ACC will update the server to the most recent software service pack that has been published for at least 45 days. To read more about the ACC Always Current Program, click here for details.

If you are interested in more information about the ACC Always Current Program or how you can begin your system upgrade, contact our support specialists today!


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