At the beginning of the ERP implementation, everyone involved is highly motivated. The project team carefully records all essential business processes and uses them to develop the central requirements for the new ERP solution. End-users drive process optimization and keep their colleagues up to date. And the management team ensures that the ERP project and day-to-day business do not get in each other’s way.

Unfortunately, the enthusiasm for action only lasts until the implementation go-live. After this point, many organizations will expect their ERP solution to run quietly in the background with the assumption that care, and maintenance is also done on its own.

However, that’s not the case. The following downfalls will explain the risks you face by not updating your solution:


Unsupported Software

Software developers are constantly releasing new updates to fix bugs and to produce an overall better user experience. Subsequently, you may find yourself on an unsupported version of the software. Continuing on an unsupported software version could lead to running issues such as bugs and slow performance.

By updating to a current software version, your organization will dodge unnecessary technology debts, and solve issues from the root.



As we’ve said time and time again, data security should be a top priority. And storing data on an unsupported, outdated software version leaves your organization vulnerable to potential cyber security attacks and viruses.



As we’ve previously stated, outdated software will eventually become unsupported. This means if new regulations come in, the older software versions are at risk for not being compliant. The fines incurred with failing to comply can be huge. So, ensuring that your ERP solution is fit for purpose is not only important but could also save you money.


Industry Competition

An ERP solution is designed to maximize the efficiency of daily business processes within your organization, right? Well, if you’re not updating your solution on a regular basis to get the most out of its functionality and features, you’ll likely land behind your competitors. With up-to-date technology, your organization will continue to work at a high level of productivity by automating business processes.


Staying Up-to-Date

An up-to-date ERP system will allow your organization to perform at top tier, allowing you to efficiently manage daily business activities. The latest versions of ERP software are capable of keeping up with today’s business and technological demands.

Do not give away valuable potential with this setting, instead join the Always Current Program powered by ACC Software Solutions. Clients who are qualified for the Always Current Program will be upgraded to the most recent version of their software on an agreed upon scheduled upgrade date and will automatically receive software updates on a fixed quarterly schedule. Additionally, customers are assigned a ‘Customer Monthly Maintenance Date’. On this date, ACC will update the server to the most recent software service pack that has been published for at least 45 days.

If you are interested in more information about the ACC Always Current Program or how you can begin your system upgrade, contact our support specialists today!

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