Industrial machinery and equipment production has a massive presence as one of the most essential forms of manufacturing. However, with complex supply chain structures, high-value inventory items, and ever-increasing product demands from consumers, industrial equipment manufacturers are faced with absolutely no room for error.

The multitude of inventory, machines, and processes is what makes machinery and equipment manufacturing such a challenge. Workflow management of multi-level assemblies can become a mess of interconnections for machinery manufacturers. But with the assistance of an ERP solution, end-users can keep track of inventory, shop floor schedules, and other MRP functions to easily manage and adjust for more accurate data. Machinery and equipment manufacturers can also gain an understanding of the actual costs of each build while becoming a reliable industrial machinery manufacturer for their customers by using key features and functionalities available in an ERP.


Benefits of ERP for industrial machinery manufacturers:

  • Design and quote using rules-based configuration
  • Improve lead times and reduce waste by implementing lean manufacturing
  • Increase sales and profits with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) features
  • Improve product quality with robust quality assurance checks
  • Advanced production scheduling helps you deliver on time and to budget
  • Dashboards and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to closely monitor operations and productivity

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