In today’s world, there’s not a single industry left untouched by the digital revolution. Many businesses have implemented the latest systems or adapted to new concepts and technologies to drive success. And often, a modern ERP system, like Acumatica or Sage 100, is the key to digital transformation and innovation.

While being in the forefront digital innovation, industrial manufacturers have a remarkable understanding of industry 4.0. They see how rapidly the manufacturing industry is evolving through daily operations and the increased demand for new “smart” and data-enabled machinery. And without a modern ERP solution, this wouldn’t be possible.

Here’s how else an ERP system may equip industrial manufacturers for the future:

Integrated System – With a single-centralized system, manufacturing processes operate together; from product design to planning and manufacturing. Collaboration between end-users and suppliers is essential to ensure the success of new specifications, change orders, and overall communication.

IoT on the Shop Floor – Traditional operations are changing are changing for a reason. Digital innovation has allowed various industries (including manufacturers), to significantly reduce costs, improve productivity, and reduce errors. Again, with a single-centralized system (including IoT devices on the factory floor), data is processed in real-time which allows end-users to focus on optimization and improving the end-to-end manufacturing process.

Customer Service – With the assistance of real-time data, sales order processes are visible to the entire organization for the most accurate, up-to-date information. The sales team can view the current statuses of production orders and inventory availability, enabling improved customer service.

Supply Chain – Building a strong supply chain requires a modern ERP solution to integrate information from across the entire organization. It’s essential to have clear visibility regarding pricing, stock availability, planned delivery and much more.

Traceability – Product recalls happen, but what’s more important is how they’re addressed. ERP solutions with full traceability provide the power to trace, identify, isolate, report, quarantine, and place affected products on hold to quickly solve the problem and minimum disruption. Additionally, it gives full visibility to ensure quality and compliance with regulatory requirements

Scalability – The ever-changing demands of todays market creates an unwanted certainty of tomorrow. What happens if a business booms over night? New markets can bring an array of obstacles: more materials are needed, more nodes in the supply chain, more demand to account for, more economies to watch. But, with a full integrated ERP system, businesses are able to scale with market demands.

In the new world of digital innovation and transformation where a product is part of a package that contains services as well, the ability to connect to digital services has become vital. A fully integrated ERP solution allows connection amongst the entire organization to provide the best possible services.

According to the Fictive 2021 Sate of Manufacturing report, the new normal means becoming more digitally proficient and organized. For example:

  • 91% have increased digital transformation investments in the past year.
  • 95% believe that digital transformation is essential for future success.
  • 54% aim to increase the speed of product innovation by adopting digital technologies.
  • 40% state they are prioritizing investments in sustainable manufacturing processes.

That’s a substantial portion of businesses, and therefore you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are we going to be in the minority who resists change because it seems risky?
  • Are the old business models are changing? Are our business models changing? If so, which ones, and how are they changing?
  • Which technologies should be prioritized for adoption to support the new business models?

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