By definition, an ERP system is described as an Enterprise Resource Planning solution which is the integrated management of business processes, in real time. While ERP systems have many benefits, they can be particularly beneficial for food and beverage manufacturers thanks to its traceability and production management features.


Here are some of the competitive advantages that ERP has to offer food and beverage manufacturers:

  1. Increased Efficiency Saves Money

With the right technology, facilities can streamline daily operations and eliminate the need to complete manual tasks, which in turn, reduces inefficiencies and saves money. Since end-users will no longer have to focus on data entry for various area of your business, they can better focus their efforts on tasks and projects which they otherwise would not have been able to. Additionally, establishing a single-centralized system eliminates the need for various “solutions”. So, there’s no more wasted time on switching from system to system.

  1. Compliance

ERP systems can significantly aid in batch traceability by recording the entire product journey. From the receipt of raw materials to the dispatch of finished goods, data is collected for compliance and food safety requirements.

  1. Data Management

Fully integrated ERP systems provide a single centralized location for data, which is updated in real-time (i.e., production, warehousing, sales, quality control, etc.). For example, stock numbers are updated simultaneously as materials are used up in production, buyers will then be able to use this data and cross-reference it with outstanding orders and assess whether more stock is needed. Improved access to data means food manufacturers can tightly monitor perishable inventory to avoid excessive stock levels or waste.

  1. Competitive Advantage

In order to remain ahead of competition, manufacturers must keep managed processes tight, and automate operations. Luckily, an ERP solution helps optimize production, maintain quality and safety, minimize waste, and improve efficiencies. In turn, all these improvements will lead to increased competitiveness in the ever-challenging market.

  1. Key Performance Indicators

KPIs are more than numbers and metrics, they enable end-users to understand the performance and health of the business so they can make critical adjustments in order to achieve strategic goals. For example, cycle costs, production output, audit pass rates, inventory levels and sales pipeline, are some of the most common KPIs recorded in ERP solutions.

  1. Customer Service

Improving and maintaining high-quality customer experience is critical to keep businesses alive. Maintaining high-quality products and good customer service, almost immediately ensures that customers will become loyal. ERP with integrated CRM will empower the sales process and help employees manage customer relationships. All sales activities, communications, queries can be logged and referred to when required, which translates to a greater number of happy customers in the long run.

  1. Product Consistency

Consistency is the core of quality management. If a consumer cannot rely on your product to maintain the same high quality they experienced in the past, they will simply seek a different food manufacturer. Implementation of an ERP system assists with a variety of potential errors that can occur in warehouses or during transportation and storage. A quality ERP solution will decrease errors and increase consistency.


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