Industrial machinery manufacturers are instrumental in supporting every aspect of the global supply chain to keep the world running efficiently. But what helps industrial machinery manufacturers operate efficiently and overcome their unique pain points? Modern cloud ERP software.

Success with Acumatica Cloud ERP

Industrial machinery manufacturers who are still stuck on legacy ERP solutions, face the following pain points:

  • Inability to connect multiple external applications managing complex product material plans and production schedules
  • Long manufacturing lead times for production and component sourcing
  • Difficulty keeping engineering bill of materials (BOM) in sync with manufacturing and bill of materials for multi-level BOMs containing hundreds of thousands of components
  • Limited access to ERP application for engineering users and manufacturing estimators due to restrictive user licensing
  • Lack of seamless integrations between third-party configurator applications and legacy ERP systems or accounting applications
  • Cumbersome quote creation due to a lack of robust estimating tool

Now, let’s take a look at a few industrial machinery manufacturers who have been able to overcome these challenges when they turned to Acumatica’s cloud-based manufacturing management software.

Scott Fetzer Consumer Brands (Wayne Pumps, Halex, Ginsu) is a division of the Scott Fetzer Company, located in Harrison, Ohio. It manufactures high-quality products for home, family, and industries and is “dedicated to providing products and services that help people live more productive lives.”

Scott Fetzer Company has a number of leading consumer brands in their US-based system. WAYNE Pumps, a company that offers a complete line of basement protection systems, sump, multi-use, swage, effluent, well, lawn, specialty pumps/systems, and accessories, was acquired by the Scott Fetzer Company in 1978.

Chris Freese, VP Finance, says the growing company was operating with a legacy ERP solution and needed to make a change. “We had a legacy system that was so highly customized, we couldn’t even do updates.”

They evaluated five different ERP options and narrowed them down to two. The presentations for each system netted Acumatica the win. Acumatica VAR PC Bennett Solutions partnered with the company to implement Acumatica’s Manufacturing Edition with Financial ManagementCustomer ManagementAdvanced Inventory, and Order Management suites.

The company has become more efficient in inventory management, order management, and more. Additionally, Chris says, “[Acumatica is] more cost-efficient. Actually, our costs for running Acumatica versus our prior system, we’ve saved money. As well, we have immediate information we didn’t have before.”

During Acumatica Summit 2021, Scott Fetzer Consumer Brands received the Manufacturing Customer of the Year Award based on their successful digital transformation.

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