The Always Current program by ACC Software Solutions is designed to keep your ERP solution on the most recent software version. Staying current will not only decreases technology debt, but it will also provide improved system functionality and the best tech options on the market.


Program Specifics:


Scheduled Upgrade Date

Clients who are qualified for the Always Current Program will be upgraded to the most recent version of their software on an agreed upon scheduled upgrade date and will automatically receive software updates on a fixed quarterly schedule. The scheduled upgrade date will be set at the onset of the contract.

To prepare for the scheduled upgrade, clients will receive a notification 120 days prior to the scheduled upgrade date. At this time, ACC will provide the client with a detailed upgrade plan. The client should then begin to prepare staff with the proposed testing and go-live date.

ACC will complete the upgrade in two phases. First, a testing version will be set-up to allow for any additional upgrade tasks. After the testing period, ACC will receive a ‘thumbs-up’ from the client and the official upgrade will be performed.


Service Packs

In addition to upgrading yearly, service packs will be applied at intervals throughout the year. Updates, or Service Packs, contain bug fixes and non-breaking changes that can be quickly introduced between major releases.

Customers on the always current program are assigned a Customer Monthly Maintenance Date. On this date, ACC will update the server to the most recent software service pack that has been published for at least 45 days.


Customizations & Integrations

To reduce potential upgrade issues, the program limits the types of customizations that can be installed.

Customers in this program can only install ISV solutions that are compatible with the Always Current Program. The following ISVs are compatible with the Always Current program. This means that their solutions will be ready on or before the upgrade or update deadlines.

  • APS Payments
  • Vertex Tax
  • Avalara Tax
  • Sage Fixed Assets
  • Sage CRM
  • DSD Enhancements


Program Eligibility

Clients who maintain an ACC Support Plan, will have the option to participate in the Always Current Program. The following are NOT eligible for the program:

  • Non-support contract clients.
  • Clients with customizations, modifications, or non-supported 3rd party ISV.
  • Clients that do not unassisted access to the network.


If you are interested in more information about the ACC Always Current Program, contact in our support specialists today! Qualified clients will be provided with a quote, a program outline, and a suggested schedule upgrade date.

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