As technological advancements continue to increase, your ERP service provider is constantly releasing new software versions of their solution. These new versions provide a combination of new and improved features that can optimize your ERP experience; however, many organizations find themselves running an ERP version that is 2 or 3 years old.

A number of reasons can attribute to why an organization doesn’t upgrade their ERP – the most common include fear of losing customized features and/or lack of time for update. No matter the reason, the benefits of upgrading your ERP will outweigh any justification to maintain an older version. Running your organization on an outdated ERP version can add preventable hurdles to your growth and development, so it is important to understand the benefits of upgrading and what the new ERP versions have to offer.


Keeping up with Technology Trends

ERP service providers are constantly improving their software, eliminating errors, and adding new features. ERP solutions are continuously improving, and every minor update provides new support for your business processes.

In addition, most ERP providers regularly publish a major release version update, which expands the area of application with new functions and contain improvements to the user interface. This increases the usability of the system and makes the work of the end user easier.


Compatibility with 3rd Party Applications

Upgrading to the latest ERP version isn’t only beneficial for the functionality of your ERP but, it ensures compatibility with your 3rd party applications. Just like your ERP solution, 3rd party applications are implementing the latest features within their product. If the ERP system lags behind, this can lead to compatibility problems – especially if there are changes to the databases or the operating system. For example, the connection of a third-party system could no longer work because this requires a certain standard that was only added in a new ERP version.

For this reason, ERP updates often include interface adjustments so that compatibility with third-party systems is maintained.


Security Features

Outdated software versions hold the risk for cyber-attacks. The longer a security vulnerability is known, the higher the risk of an attack. An ERP system stores important business data and forms the technical basis for many business processes. The potential for damage from ransomware, data theft or DoS attacks is correspondingly high. You should always apply security patches consistently and as quickly as possible.


Increased User Productivity and Efficiency

A big factor in upgrades is process automation to improve operations as much as possible. As your business grows, so does the amount of work. Having an updated ERP will ensure that your business has access to your industry’s ‘best practices’ and tools to streamline operational processes in the best way possible. In turn, this will facilitate work efficiency and increase productivity.


Stay on the Latest Software Version with ACC’s Always Current Program

Be proactive and consider the Always Current Program offered by ACC Software Solutions. Clients who are qualified for the Always Current Program will be upgraded to the most recent version of their software on an agreed upon scheduled upgrade date and will automatically receive software updates on a fixed quarterly schedule. In addition to upgrading yearly, service packs will be applied at intervals throughout the year. Updates, or Service Packs, contain bug fixes and non-breaking changes that can be quickly introduced between major releases.

Remember, an up-to-date, well-maintained ERP system has many advantages – close security gaps, increase employee satisfaction and maximize your reliability. And last but not least, you also benefit from new features and functions! Contact the ACC Team to learn how you can keep your ERP updated!


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