TruBeauty Gets a New Look with ERP Enhancements

TruBeauty is now one of the largest and fastest growing distributors in the U.S. TruBeauty services salons and spas in New York, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, Maine, Vermont, Virginia, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Washington D.C. areas with the finest brands and equipment in the business. TruBeauty came to ACC in late 2018 with hopes of enhancing their system to help meet the growing needs of their company. With the help of ACC and the openness for change from TruBeauty, those hopes were made a reality. 


The Challenge 

TruBeauty came to ACC with a goal of gathering better data insights and improving efficiency. Specifically, they needed to automate reports and reduce the manual process of pulling, editing, and sending reports and needed to have more insight and reporting on their sales team activities and opportunities. Luckily, the issues they had were easily solved with the help of a few add-ons suggested by ACC. 


The Solution 

TruBeauty had already been using a Sage system for many years. However, they soon realized they needed enhancements to continue company growth and streamline many business activities. They began with upgrading their alerts and workflows notifications by implementing Sage Alerts and Workflows. When asked why ACC suggested Sage Alerts and Workflows, Patrick Wills, Senior Consultant at ACC Software Solutions said “Tru-Beauty spent a lot of time manually building complex reports and emailing so we knew Sage Alerts could help automate that process for them.” He continued, “Sage Alerts doesn’t just automate reports, we also use it as a way to notify users or management when a data event has happened like inventory has dropped below a certain threshold or a new customer has been set up incorrectly. This helped them address issues right away and not have to wait to discover them when it’s sometimes too late.” After seeing the success of this new add-on TruBeauty decided to invest in a software that managed their inventory; Sage Inventory Advisor. Allegra Novotny, CFO of TruBeauty explained the need for this enhancement, We added Sage Inventory Advisor to decrease our inventory on hand value and improve our purchasing patterns, which in turn improved our cash flow.” It is important to note that ACC played an integral part in the implementation and training of Sage Inventory Advisor and Sage Alerts and Workflows.


The beauty supply distributor decided one more enhancement was needed to make their business thrive; Sage CRM. When asked about the reason for adding this final upgrade, Allegra says, We added Sage CRM in order to gain better insight on our sales activities and provide the sales team better organization for client communications and opportunities tracking.” Overall, the updates made further supported their business and strengthened their technological efficiency


ACC’s Role

So where did ACC come into play when TruBeauty adopted these add-ons? ACC consulted with TruBeauty to suggest the best software for their pain points. The consultants at ACC were not afraid to share with TruBeauty what would work for their company and what should not be done to their system stating, “ TruBeauty asked for our input and we communicated our recommended solutions in the most transparent way as possible.” An employee from TruBeauty says, “ACC helped connect us with the Sage/service provider experts to discuss the details of these upgrades prior to making our final decision. ACC is always knowledgeable and can provide detailed information, referrals, pricing, and all information necessary to make the correct business decisions.” Sean Atkins, President of ACC Software Solutions describes ACC’s role as “a resource of support and consulting to help TruBeauty continue their journey in the digital transformation landscape.” After the implementation of the new add-ons, they offer continued support. If an issue arises with any software, the employees of TruBeauty know they can always pick up the phone and the consultants are happy to help. 


Where They Are Today 


Since upgrading, the add-ons to their system have become part of their daily processes. With Novotny stating, “ Many of them are now ingrained in our business activity and have shown their value in improving efficiency and overall decreasing company overhead or allowing us to reallocate our resources.”  Overall, the upgrades made to their system solved the challenges of manual reporting and more streamlined business processes.


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