Imagine your business as a single, living, breathing body.  It has arms, legs, vital organs, and a nervous system  all working together to serve a specific purpose.  Your brain is the control center. It’s constantly collecting information, analyzing and responding with appropriate commands which keep the body happy, healthy and efficient.  Just as your body needs your brain and central nervous system, your business needs an integrated ERP system.

The Brains of the Business

A comprehensive ERP solution is the main source for all of the core elements of your business.  Just like your brain and central nervous system controls your limbs, your ERP system can help you control finances, supply chain, production, project and service management, sales, planning, customer relationships, HR, delivery, and more.  Integrating all of these systems within a single solution allows the different branches of your company to communicate in a unified language.

Imagine, inventory management represents your left leg, and sales and marketing is your right leg.  Led by separate systems, your business may be able to get by, stumbling now and then with stock-outs and excess.  However, your brain controlling both legs is what really allows your business to pick up speed and run, minimizing inefficiency. If both departments or limbs work together, you can ensure improved productivity and reduced errors.

Using ERP solutions, your team can enter data quickly and efficiently, allowing every department access to real time data.  Your employees can save time through automation, ease of data sharing, and by eliminating the need for redundant data entry. 

Using Your Brain

There is a widely spread misconception that humans only use approximately 10% of their brain.  While science doesn’t entirely support that claim, it can certainly be true of ERP systems. Without proper training or incorrect implementation, users may not recognize the full potential of the software. By using your “brain” or ERP system correctly, you improve collaboration, focus on a single source of truth.and have a better view on the state of your company. 

At ACC, our consulting & training teams often find that even businesses who already have ERP software sometimes don’t utilize all of its functionality.  Not using ERP to its fullest potential can be just as detrimental to your business as not having ERP at all. Remember, ERP is there to help your company by unifying the different departments into one system. By not using the software to its fullest potential you are not allowing your company to reach its fullest potential.Don’t be the company who only uses 10% of their system by not using your ERP system correctly. 

Just like your brain controls the systems of your body, ERP connects multiple departments to one central system. Want to Learn more about the brain of your business: ERP.? Or maybe it’s time to start the ERP journey by using one of our  consultation and training services. Whatever your ERP needs are, we are here for you!

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