Sage 100 supports manufacturers and distributors alike to improve productivity with technology. This enterprise resource planning (ERP) software optimizes daily warehouse operations from receiving to shipping. Sage 100 is equipped with real-time data to streamline daily business processes and maximize ROI.

Sage offers industry specific editions for manufacturing and distribution to extend the capabilities of Sage 100 for supply chain management. Leveraging this ERP will give you access to end-to-end visibility at every stage and enable you to identify where your procedures can be improved for better value return.


Here are 9 ways Sage 100 improves warehouse operations:


(1) Updates on Regulatory Compliance. Sage 100 streamlines regulatory compliance by keeping documentation and features updated for critical requirements. This includes changes to payroll and tax reporting, data privacy and security controls, and supply chain traceability. Sage 100 software will enable your business to stay on top of your obligations.

(2) Item Tracking with Lot and Serial Number. Sage 100 is equipped with advanced traceback features for tracking items organized by lot and serial numbers. The 2020 release update added expiration date visibility with automated calculation and notification for use-by, sell-by, and return dates for labeling. In addition, Sage 100 ERP expands item usage traceability through lots, letting you quickly pull-up data within transaction reporting.

(3) Increased Visibility and Traceback of Materials. Sage 100’s tracing and organization features extend to the resource level, letting you effortlessly manage and traceback elements included in the bill of materials. This data is included within lot tracking menus which allow you to chart raw materials from usage all the way back to sourcing origin, letting you build out the entire product lifecycle. This data provides electronic audit trails for authentication and compliance, as well as lets you carefully review historical and current trends for replenishment and forecasting.

(4) Integrations. Sage 100 offers an extensive marketplace for integrations that will extend the functionality of your ERP. Integrations include native options for data migration between several applications, such as excel. With assistance from the ACC Software Solutions team, you can build a comprehensive manufacturing and distribution stack that returns the best ROI on your technology.

(5) Inventory Management Automation. Sage 100 gives you access to modern tools that streamline daily warehouse operations. With an industry specific edition, you can leverage native features, add-on modules, and third-party integrations to improve your inventory management strategy in real-time. These applications enable you to build an integrated workflow that can connect up to customer-facing channels, accelerating your processes and cutting down order time to same-day if required.

(6) Streamlined Scheduling and Planning with Reduced Costs and Errors. Sage 100 improves data accuracy and visibility to provide end-users with a full view of daily processes to determine your value return. The added flexibility with real-time reporting, work ticket adjustments, labor tracking and more warehouse data flows, your ERP will empower you to plan better and get the most out of your investments while cutting down on expenses and entry errors.

(7) Optimizes Warehouse Management and Storage. Keeping inventory control operations connected to your supply chain through Sage 100 allows you to maximize the value of your distribution activities. With comprehensive visibility through the warehouse into shipping processes, you can optimize packing and storage to move the greatest volume of product for the space on hand. Additionally, with integrations for multi-bin tracking, you can keep your stock organized and always in view while improving service speeds.

(8) Accounting and Payment Management is Digitally Transformed. Sage 100 brings core accounting functionality that overtakes smaller applications such as QuickBooks and Sage 50.  Deploy electronic payments automations to streamline transactions, reconcile human errors, and keep digital audit trails with Sage 100. The latest software update includes encryption to protect internal and customer data, satisfying security and compliance requirements.

(9) Continuous Upgrades. Sage has promoted extensive plans for continuous software upgrades for the Sage 100 manufacturing and distribution editions. Upgrades include inventory management features for a renewed development focus for the solution’s vertical capabilities and new enhancements to improve supply chain visibility and enable increased insight into material requirements, production, and warehouse operations delivered at real-time speeds.


Optimize your warehouse operations with Sage 100.

Sage 100 offers many solutions for managing warehouse operations, with multiple features that enable real-time lot and serial traceability. Equipped with this ERP, your business will improve inventory control strategies and capture the best value.

Contact the ACC Software Solutions team to learn more about Sage 100!

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