Is your organization running on systems and technology that you’ve relied on for years? If so, you may be experiencing glitches that you just accept as part of doing business. Maybe your staff has created “Band-Aid” fixes to recurring issues that almost seem like standard operating procedure at this point.

Even if everything is working fine, you might be missing out on opportunities and falling behind the competition without even realizing it. This is where enterprise resource planning (ERP) software enters the picture.


What is ERP Software?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is used to collect, store, manage, and interpret all of the data produced from the many activities of a company. Companies use the data consolidated by ERP software to maximize efficiencies across the board.


How ERP Software Can Help Your Business

At ACC, we’ve been leaders in the business management technology software industry for more than 25 years. We wanted to give you these 5 reasons why your organization needs ERP software.

(1) Better and faster decision making: Every company collects tons of data. But it’s what you do with that data that matters. Is your company using the data you collect to its full advantage?

ERP software creates an environment where the right data is collected at the right times. This information can be converted into valuable business insights that can be interpreted more easily. This enables leaders to make more informed decisions more quickly than ever before—even in real time.

(2) Improved resource management: If your company is running on disparate software, systems, and databases, think about how much time and money is wasted searching for data or relying on multiple systems that hold redundant information. With ERP software, all of your firm’s resources and data are consolidated into one central location that’s easier to manager and enables a more consistent experience for both staff and customers.

(3) A superior customer experience: Low prices, lightning-fast delivery, and infinite choice. Customer nowadays expect nothing less. And you can’t compete on any of those points if you’re still using your legacy systems. Implementing an ERP solution is essential if you want to win and retain customers.

Gartner reports that two-thirds of companies say are competing almost exclusively on customer experience. That number is only expected to rise in the next decade, especially when experts are seeing that even a slight bump in customer experience scores can lead to millions of dollars of increased revenue.

Whether you want to grow your customer base or increase customer retention (or both) you can use the data gleaned from your ERP system to develop an even more customer-focused business strategy.

(4) Increased profits: ERP implementation helps cuts costs and increase efficiencies in multiple ways across the board. That means, profits are increasing for those companies who use ERP. According to the SAP Center for Business Insights, 80% of companies that have implemented ERP software have seen increased profits.

 (5) All-around efficiencies: One of the results of implementing an ERP is having a more streamlined workflow and an elimination of bottlenecks. Teams break out of silos and work more collaboratively and efficiently. Once manual tasks are will be automated. This empowers team members to work more efficiently and improve their productivity.


As a certified Acumatica reseller, ACC is ready and able to guide you with getting your Acumatica ERP system into place, configured to your specific needs and running smoothly. Acumatica is an award-winning Cloud ERP solution that can be tailored to your business, thereby accelerating your return on investment, and decreasing the time spent training employees.

In addition, ACC offers a full range of business management technology services, including consulting, implementation, targeted training, and ongoing support. We aim to build long-lasting relationships based on trust by committing to support your business goals today and tomorrow. If you would like to learn more about cloud based ERP software or to schedule a free Acumatica demo, contact us today!

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