Given the high rate of inflation and the need to continually fund investment in the products, effective January 1, 2023, the following pricing changes will be going into effect for Sage 100:

  • Perpetual and M&S customers o Increasing 7%
  • Subscription customers:
    • “Cloud” price list: Increasing 4%
    • “C” price list: Increasing 7%
    • Any customer below list price: Increase up to 10%
  • Sage 100 and Sage 300 Payroll:
    • Eliminating “one-time set-up fee”
    • Increasing 7%

Note: We will be eliminating the “c” price list during FY23 and moving customers to the “cloud” price list. This will start with Sage 100 in the Spring. Given the large difference in the two price lists, we will limit the increase of “c” customers currently at list price to 7%.

Current customers will see these increases reflected in their renewal notices, beginning in October.




For more information regarding pricing for Sage 100, visit our Sage 100 pricing webpage.

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