Follow this procedure to configure the Azure Online and Exchange Online (Office 365) accounts using Modern Authentication (OAuth 2.0). Please provide the following to ACC Software Solutions:

  1. Application (client) ID
  2. Authorization endpoint (v2)
  3. Token endpoint (v2)
  4. Email Account and Password


• Create the app registration if not already completed

o Logon to your Microsoft Azure Portal account (portal.azure.com) as the admin user

o Go to Azure Active Directory / App Registrations and click New Registration

▪ Enter the Display Name: (user-defined)

▪ Select Who can use: Single tenant

▪ Enter the Redirect URI: (Platform = Public client/native) https://localhost

o Click Register

▪ Tip: copy the Application (client) Id and save it for later reference

▪ Tip: click Endpoints and copy the Authorization endpoint (v2) and the Token endpoint (v2) for later use. Then Close Endpoints

o Click API permissions / Add a permission / Select Microsoft Graph and then Delegated Permissions

o Select the offline_access and SMTP.Send permissions and then click Add permissions

▪ There should be 3 permissions at this point:

      • offline_access
      • SMTP.Send
      • User.Read

o Click Grant admin consent for (user) for these permissions

▪ The new app registration should now be ready for use


• Verify SMTP settings in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center

o Logon to www.office.com as the admin user

o Type admin in the search field and select the Admin app in the search results

o In the Admin Center, click Users / Active Users and select the admin user used to create the App Registration

o Click Mail / Manage email apps

o Make sure the “Authenticated SMTP” checkbox is checked and save changes


Click here to download the step-by-step instructions for OAuth Office 365 for Sage 100.

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