Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is the ideal solution for various manufacturing and distribution facilities – with the ability to oversee the entire supply chain process and monitor inventory levels in a single cohesive platform, end-users are more efficient than ever.

In conjunction with an ERP solution, a transparent inventory management procedure allows end-users to track assets, maintain new inventories, and deal with warehouse emergencies.

Here are 10 of the most useful tips for inventory management for ERP users…

  1. Clear out inventory garbage– Process your inventory correctly, consistently, with no exceptions
  2. Regulate your inventory counts– Perform physical inventory, cycle counts on a regular basis and produce accurate numbers
  3. Evaluate unused inventory– Evaluate obsolete, low turnover inventory regularly, not yearly
  4. Know your business’ trends– Keep inventory labeled to control it between physical inventories
  5. Research your vendor’s competition– Pick up those annoying sales calls occasionally so you know what else is out there
  6. Automate as much as possible – You have inventory issues if job costing becomes a full-time job
  7. Record your inventory flow– As consumed or shipped, it needs to be recorded
  8. Listen to your business with ERP– Manufacturers using ERP correctly are faster, smarter, and more profitable
  9. Correct employee mistakes immediately– Address inventory mistakes early to reduce risk of losing money, inventory, and production
  10. Always ask questions – Don’t guess how to do it, reach out to customer service for the best success


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