Today’s theme is: out with the old and in with the new!

Are you still relying on an outdated or legacy ERP system to run your fashion, footwear, or apparel business? If so, you’re working with an enormous disadvantage compared to competitors. These outdated systems lack the integration and automation growing companies need to maximize profits.

Modern cloud-based ERP solutions with e-commerce software, such as Acumatica, offer fashion, footwear, and apparel businesses a plethora of advantages. From order fulfillment and shipping to financial analysis, reporting, and inventory tracking capabilities, businesses can seamlessly integrate their e-commerce website with back-office operations. A modern ERP for fashion, footwear and apparel businesses helps end-users manage their business with a full view, which translates into increased efficiency and profitability.

Let’s look at some additional benefits of implementing a modern ERP software –

  1. Reduce stock-outs or inventory silos: ERP software allows end-users to understand the bottom-line cost while maintaining the right mix of merchandise across the organization. A warehouse management solution integrated with a modern ERP solution is the key to structured management.
  2. Time management: Fulfill purchase orders and assign the correct end-user to reduce errors, repetitive data entry, and other tedious activities.
  3. Real-time tracking: With the elimination manual entries, end-users have a real-time view of tracking and reporting for the warehouse, shop floor, procurement, and shipping.
  4. ERP’s dashboard serves as the hub for multiple functions: Gain a complete view of every department in a single location. This can include Quality Control, Production, Supply Chain Planning, RCCP, Pegging, Warehouse Management, Finance, HR, Sales, Marketing, and the Shop Floor.
  5. Accuracy: Modern cloud-based systems offer real-time data from anywhere at any time. This enables swift decision making, productivity, and improves the connection with vendors, customers, and end-users.

Your Next Steps

A modern cloud-based ERP solution, such as Acumatica, provides unparalleled manufacturing depth with robust financials, native customer relationship management, and powerful business intelligence applications. Contact the ACC Software Solutions team to learn how Acumatica helps companies like yours improve their business processes and achieve sustainable growth.

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