What is causing the jewelry and watch industry to fail and what can they do to recover? According to these Acumatica customers, a modern, reliable ERP is the solution.

The jewelry and watch industry is fighting an uphill battle – uninterested millennials, declining marriage rates, knock-off brands, a struggling economy, stiff competition from department stores and big-box stores (think Costco), and the development of online eCommerce. And let’s not forget global trade concerns, the rise of the smartwatch, the complexity of supply chain transparency, and the growing international acquisition of small, local jewelers.

What can these industry experts possibly do to survive amongst this chaos? For J. Goodin, a jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler, and Danforth Pewter, a distributor of handmade pewter heirlooms, turning to an ERP that supports their business needs was the answer.

Acumatica cloud ERP: An ERP for jewelers, watchmakers and more

Due to the rapid evolution of today’s digital world, those who haven’t already undergone a digital transformation – or even thought about it – will be left behind. Modern technology, including manufacturing management software and commerce software, must be utilized by businesses who are seeking success.


Drawing customers to your business with seamless connections, processes, resources, and functionality, is what’s going to make a business successful. In the example of jewelry and watch companies, small artisans are losing out to their larger, faster competitors who have been able to take advantage of fast fashion trends as well as to differentiate their brands through unique designs and big marketing campaigns.

With a modern, cloud ERP solution such as Acumatica, small-to-mid-size business or SMB can compete by:

  • Using digital media/paid social media as a platform to share information, shape their brand identity, and build customer relationships.
  • Accelerating their supply chain processes.
  • Reacting to trends quickly and reducing their product-development cycles by collaborating with suppliers, designers, and logistic providers.
  • Analyzing data and gaining insights into inventory optimization, customer profiling, and sales and expenses.
  • Adopting eCommerce practices.
  • Increasing their international presence.

Both J. Goodin and Danforth Pewter chose Acumatica’s award-winning cloud ERP software to give them this competitive edge. Here’s how:

Goodin – Operates in the U.S., China, and Mexico, needed a web-based, flexible solution with modern, scalable architecture that had the permission, item masking, and multi-dimensional inventory capabilities they needed.

Danforth Pewter – After relying on legacy software and hardware for 24 years, CEO Bram Kleppner knew a new ERP solution was essential, one that could handle their AP, AR, inventory, and manufacturing needs while also integrating with their retail POS system and providing a better shipping solution.

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