Technology is not what drives digital transformation- Digital Natives are.

Digital Natives are changing the way businesses conduct their practices. This generation has grown up around technology and knows how to use it fully. So, how do digital natives and digital transformation relate?  Find out below!

 What is a Digital Native?

Marc Prensky coined the title “Digital Natives” and “Digital Immigrants” in a 2001 article entitled, “Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants.” According to this article, a Digital Native is a “native speaker” of the digital language of computers, video games, and the internet. Digital Natives are most related to the Millennial age group, as that is where the introduction and popularity of technology arose. Digital Immigrants are those who did not grow up with the technology of today and are still adapting.


How Do Digital Natives Impact Digital Transformation?

If you remember from a previous article, Is Digital Transformation Killing ERP, we discussed that the definition of digital transformation can be broad and interpreted in many ways. In business terms, it is described as, “companies striving to keep up with changing business environments brought about by customer demand and technological innovation by transforming its core business processes using digital technology.” Digital transformation means embracing digital disruptive technologies, fully embracing the cultural changes to digital technologies and leveraging them for your business. 

This is where Digital Natives come into play. These native speakers have been engrossed in the digital landscape throughout their lives and are always ready for the next best thing. Millennials are ready to take on the next big technology in order to make their lives easier and save more time. One of the main technologies digital natives are latching onto is the introduction of the ‘cloud.’ Most of this generation is well-versed in the cloud based program. For years, photos, music, videos and data have been stored in the cloud. So, when digital natives enter the workforce they are more likely to advocate for companies to adapt this new software to stay competitive. 

This generation is known for having their phone wherever they go, almost like a body part. With that being said, having technology that can be mobile is more important than ever. Being able to do work on-the-go allows for constant communication and more flexible work hours. Remember, with mobility comes the ability to work anywhere, any place and any time. No longer are the 9 to 5 office days with mobile technology in place. 

Another impact digital natives are making is the utilization of social media. Social media has made a big impact on business, with millennials being one of the driving forces behind the switch. Companies are bringing in younger people to come up with strategy and use these platforms for a financial and brand awareness advantage. As social and digital marketing become more popular and modern, print marketing and paper mailings are starting to take a back seat.  

Finally, companies are getting younger.  According to Citrix, By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be millennials. The younger generations joining the workforce are bringing with them new technology skills and a fresh viewpoint on how business is done. They help modernize business processes, making the switch from on-paper to digital. 


Remember, if you want your company to handle digital transformation you must be ready for digital disruption. Digital natives are making a big impact on how companies conduct their practices. The ever-changing technological landscape has a heavy impact on how millennials decide on their products. They have a direct impact on digital transformation.

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