Today’s business demands are changing faster than ever before. Business isn’t ‘as-usual’ so why are you relying on business-as-usual ERP tools?

Similarly, manufacturers, distributors, service providers, and mid-market enterprises have let go of traditional accounting software and legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and embraced cloud-based enterprise management solutions. The lack of real-time data analytics, flexibility and scalability has pushed businesses over the edge.

There’s also the issue of support: businesses adopting old school or legacy ERP systems often find they must purchase ad-hoc solutions to meet the needs of different departments. These tools don’t always integrate well with the original solution, leading to costly issues like hidden technology debt and business process obstructions.

Deciding to move to a cloud-based enterprise management solution is easier than choosing the right technology for your business. But Sage offers a few tips to guide you through the process. To name a few:

  • The top enterprise management benefits that organizations typically seek to gain by replacing outdated legacy systems that won’t support future growth or help drive innovation.
  • The key questions to consider as you look to replace your legacy ERP system. For example, will it allow you to make better business decisions using insights from the growing volumes of data that you’re collecting?
  • The features and capabilities that executives expect modern enterprise management system to provide, such as the ability to accelerate core business processes like procurement and sales.


With the right enterprise management solution in place, you can reduce the cost and complexity of running your business. In fact, according to research by Aberdeen Group, manufacturing leaders saw a 13 percent improvement in productivity within two years of implementing a modern enterprise management solution.

Want to find out more? Contact the ACC Software Solutions Team to learn how a scalable, future-proof platform can help support—and even fuel—your business as it evolves to meet new challenges and opportunities in the global economy.

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