The Acumatica 2020 R2 Launch occurred on Wednesday, September 16 and had over 2000+ in attendance!  This one hour-long premiere went in-depth with the new features of 2020 R2. Here is what happened during the virtual launch.

The virtual launch started with Jon Roskill, CEO of Acumatica, introducing the day’s events. After a short introduction, the presentation moved to Ali Jain, Chief Product Officer, who shared excitedly how happy he was about the launch of the new product. He especially emphasized the challenges Acumatica and their customers have faced during this unprecedented time. When discussing the work from home challenges, Ali Jain said, “Acumatica, as a company needed to figure out how to work collaboratively in a virtual workspace.” Collaboration was achieved through Acumatica’s innovative technology.

The agenda of the virtual launch was focused around the three main themes of Acumatica 2020 R2 and how these themes are meant to make business thrive, grow and take flight.

  • Work Harder, Not Smarter

  • Power Growth with Best In-Class Functionality

  • Technology Leadership on a Future-Proof Cloud Platform


The demonstrations of new features were presented by Jessica Gadbois, Partner Enablement Manager/Solution Consultant, and Doug Johnson, VP of Product Management. Both of these talented professionals presented each functionality and example of tech leadership with superior knowledge.

Usability Demo

In the new update, you can now enter a lead and instead of manually looking up the lead’s address, you can populate it by using the “Address Lookup” tab in the lead details section. One of the most requested and a now favorite, according to Doug and Jessica, is the Recently Viewed Icon that allows you to go back to a project you were previously working on.

When performing Generic Inquiry, you are now able to add a related table. You can also preview other Generic Inquiries while working on a current inquiry.

It is no secret that Acumatica prides itself on the interactive dashboards the software displays. In this new update, you are now able to Auto Refresh Dashboards on the Dashboard toolbar.


Demo: Commerce Edition

One of the features that was demonstrated was how information is synched for product managers. Any product related data points are up-to-date for product managers thus keeping them informed.

Another feature that Jessica and Doug were excited to demonstrate was the Shopify integration in Acumatica. On the Acumatica side, you can change MSRP and actual price on one platform. You no longer need to access two platforms to update Shopify websites.

The final demonstration included was workflow. In this new update, workflow buttons are now in logical order which simplifies the buyer experience by providing improved shipment tracking, refund processing and buyer notifications.


Demo: Construction and Field Service

This demonstration focused heavily on the use of mobile devices: adding crew member, managing time and labor, submitting expenses and the ability to start and pause and resume an appointment features are now available on the app. You are able to expense receipts through automated recognition, which easily takes the necessary information from the receipt and converts it to a receipt within the system.

On the desktop view, you are now able to create receipts from appointment instead of manually entering the information. Also, within the calendar view, you can set multi-day appointments.

Tech Leadership

In this last segment of demonstrations, Jessica and Doug focused on tech leadership. Configurable workflows were one of the highlighted features, where you can configure States – Transactions – Actions to fit your company needs. Within the configurable workflows, you can create fields at any of the points to be updated to your company specifics.

Tech Leadership: Automation & Machine Learning

The last feature that was highlighted was the Acumatica Plugin within Outlook. The example presented was using bills sent via email to be submitted for recognition. One easy click and you easily have your information transcribed. If you have a paper bill instead of an electronic bill, you are able to scan it into the system and be able to submit it for recognition.

Jessica and Doug wrapped up their presentation and brought back Ali Jain. Jain thanked everyone for attending and invites attendees to join one of five breakout sessions.

  • Quality Management for Acumatica – Manufacturing and Distribution
  • Announcing Electronic Banking and Advanced Expense Management
  • Announcing Acumatica Point of Sale
  • Field to Office Collaboration with Acumatica Construction Edition
  • Additional 2020 R2 Demonstrations

These five breakout sessions were meant to serve as extra information for attendees who were interested in the topics. The employees at ACC Software Solutions enjoyed seeing the new features and updates in Acumatica 2020 R2 and are looking forward to working with the new technology.

If you are ready to talk more about Acumatica and how it can benefit your company, please call 856-335-1010 or email us at

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