In today’s market, enterprise resource planning or ERP solutions are a necessity for overall business success. These modern ERP solutions not only manage internal processes, but they provide accurate real-time data for valuable insights for on-demand business adjustments.

Now that 2022 is in full swing, Gartner predicts new trends for ERP software development in 2022 that we are going to highlight in this post. Here are the top three trends that are inevitable for all existing and new ERP solutions to consider:


Intelligent ERP.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is predicted to be the number one trend in ERP development according to Gartner. Many businesses are thinking of converting their ERP into intelligent ERP or iERP. Likewise, ERP solutions are expected to be digitized with machine learning and advanced data analytics as well. Most ERP solutions are tasked with collecting data from internal and external sources but provide no analytics of this data to receive valuable insights into the company’s performance. Innovations like AI and ML are capable of transforming data processing and make the company data-forward.


Mobile Mode for ERP Development.

Mobile ERP mode makes the system accessible from anywhere, at any time with any device. Mobile ERP provides users with real-time data which can be updated from the devices remotely. However, it is vital to consider security measures in mobile ERP development to ensure secure data transmission with authorized access to it.


Real-time Data Insights.

Real-time data not only alerts all departments about data changes but also is capable of providing valuable insights based on data analytics. Once all data is collected, processed from the raw into meaningful data, it’s then placed in custom reports to help make appropriate business decisions based on current data trends.


Get Started Today.

If your current ERP system is not meeting your daily business demands, it’s time to make the switch to set-up your business for success. How do you know if it’s time?

  • Your ERP does not support the needs of the business – lacks functionality, is hard to use, response time is too slow.
  • Operating costs are too high.
  • You rely on spreadsheets to get things done.
  • Executives get little useful insight from the system – lack of dashboards, self-service BI, or they are difficult to use.

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