ERP software is constantly being upgraded and improved. It is important that your organization is keeping up with the updates to improve functionality and take advantage of new features. Upgrading also eliminates the security threats from old servers and chance of crypto locks. Check out the benefits of keeping your software upgraded and the risks of not upgrading.


Benefits of Upgrading Software 

Latest Features:

Newer upgrades contain new functions to make your business processes more efficient. Software developers create new updates for the end user. Since the user is the main consideration, the user experience is improved with each new release.

Lower costs:

Upgrading your business software can be a very smart financial decision compared to how much it costs to maintain outdated software. Companies already expect to have to upgrade their hardware as the business evolves and expands.

More Productivity:

In today’s world we have faster software and processors that can quickly handle workloads. Basically, older software is not as fast as newer software. Plus, having faster and newer systems can lead to happier employees. Users get tired of outdated software and slower processes. Having an updated version will allow employees to do their job efficiently.

Better Security:

Old systems can be vulnerable to hackers and cyber criminals as updates keep you safe from security holes in your organization. Having reliable security in place is especially crucial as the release of software update notes can sometimes reveal exploitable entry points to the public.

Bug Fixes:

Bugs and other problems are fixed when a new release is available. As software developers uncover security flaws, make minor changes to programs, or address compatibility issues, a new version is released. Updating your software ensures that you are running the most current and bug-free version.

Keep in Compliance with Government Regulations: 

Regulatory considerations like tax form changes (i.e. 2020 1099 changes with new NEC) may not be supported on old versions of an ERP software

Risks of Not Upgrading Software 

Support May End:

As new versions are released, older versions may no longer be supported. Critical periodic updates to the software will no longer be available which can pose security risks. It is common for technical support technicians to stop support for an old software as maintaining old versions is very difficult.

Staying on Old Servers:

Legacy Technology ties companies to older servers. If your organization fails to update one component of the system the entire software will be hosted on an old server. This increases security risks.

Security Risks:

Because older systems are not actively security checked and are vulnerable to having information stolen or compromised. Newer technology has stronger security checking in practice.


As you can see, continual software updates can only benefit the way your business runs. Are you ready to take the next step in updating your system? Give us a call at 856-335-1010 to get your company on the newest software! 

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