The difference between Sage 100 Standard & Advanced is minimal, yet important. While both solutions serve as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, their features and functionalities surpass basic accounting software with a wide variety of integrated modules. ERP software is designed to increase productivity and profits while decreasing overall costs, thus allowing businesses to grow.

Now for the differences between Sage 100 Standard and Sage 100 Advance/Premium…

Sage 100 Standard

The Sage 100 Standard business management solution offers a wide range of modules to fit the needs of any business. Users can combine modules to create a single, integrated system (which is more effective than several individual components). As businesses scale within the market, users can add and remove modules with confidence, knowing their system is evolving and adapting as needed. Additionally, go green with the paperless office capabilities included with every system, and add specialized modules further reduce paper and increase timeliness of communications. These business tools are just one of the reasons why Sage 100 is recommended by more CPAs than any other midrange accounting solution.

Sage 100 Advance/Premium

Sage 100 Advanced/Premium is a 32-bit version of Sage 100 Standard for Windows. The difference is that it incorporates client/server technology to add new capabilities. With Sage 100 Advanced/Premium software, users will receive key benefits that only client/server architectures can provide, such as more efficient distributed processing, high performance, enhanced data integrity and reliability, remote access support and scalability for large numbers of users. Additionally, a Sage 100 Advance/Premium version is available for those requiring the added reliability, security, and integration capabilities of this platform.

Sage 100 Advanced/Premium software includes all the same features and functionality of the Sage 100 Standard product line; however, because it is client/server based, the performance gains can be up to 20 times greater than Sage 100 Standard software. Hence, Sage 100 Advanced/Premium is well suited for companies with remote sites, 10 or more users, or large transaction sets.

Sage 100 Standard/Advance/Premium Modules and Applications

Core Accounting

    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Recievable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Bank Reconciliation
    • Federal and State eFiling and Reporting
    • Fixed Assets
    • Paperless Office


    • Sales Order
    • Purchase Order
    • Inventory Management
    • Bar Code
    • Credit Card Processing by Sage
    • Paperless Office


    • Work Order
    • Bill of Materials
    • Material Requirements Planning

Project and Time Management

    • Job Cost
    • Sage 100 Cloud Payroll

Customer Relationship Management

    • Sage CRM

Human Resources Management

    • Sage 100 Payroll
    • Direct Deposit
    • Federal and State eFiling and Reporting

Business Intelligence and Reporting

    • Business Alerts
    • Business Insights Dashboard
    • Business Insights Explorer
    • Crystal Reports
    • Sage 100 Business Intelligence

Customizations, Integration, and Data Imports

    • Custom Office
    • Visual Integrator

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