Weather you’re an experienced or novice user of Sage 100, switching back and forth between the mouse and keyboard is bothersome. In addition to being time consuming, users run the risk of making thoughtless errors, and suffering the loss of concentration. So, ditch the mouse because Sage 100 has a multitude of keyboard equivalents to make your life easier!


Keystroke Resulting Action
TAB Next field
ENTER Next logical field
SPACEBAR Clear/select a check box/radio button
BACKSPACE Deletes the entry at a field
ESC Closes the current window
F1 Help text for the current field
F2 Lookup window for the current field
F3 or ALT+L Alternate lookup window for the current field
F4 Printer button
F7 Explorer menu
F8 Record count
F9 or ALT+Q Special options button
CTRL+F5 First record
CTRL+F6 Prior record
CTRL+F7 Next record
CTRL+F8 Last record
ALT+A Accept button
ALT+C Cancel button
ALT+D Delete button
ALT+P Print button
ALT+V Preview button
SHIFT+F1 Help button (help text for the window)
ALT+O OK button for dialog boxes and line entry
ALT+U Undo line changes
CTRL+INSERT Inserts a line
CTRL+DELETE Deletes the current line
INSERT Inserts a line
DELETE Deletes the current line
ALT+N Insert a line
ALT+E Delete a line
ALT+1, 2, … Select the first tab, second tab, …
ALT+B Batch button
ALT+E E-mail button
ALT+I Text button
ALT+K Credit checking button
ALT+M Memo button
ALT+R Item memo button
ALT+Q Map button
ALT+S Image button
ALT+S Documents search button
ALT+T Package tracking button
ALT+U Web button
ALT+X Next number icon
ALT+Z Zoom button
HOME First page in a list box
END Last page in a list box
PAGE UP Previous page in a list box
PAGE DOWN Next page in a list box


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