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It’s no secret that getting products out of the warehouse and into customer’s hands requires persistence in quality and time management.

Thousands of distribution centers across the United States depend on ERP software to cut costs, build profits, and manage inventory more efficiently. With the demand of today’s market, it’s no secret that getting products out of the warehouse and into customer’s hands requires persistence in quality and time management. Luckily, Sage 100 can provide the tools you need to satisfy customers and keep them loyal.

Let’s find out why distributors rely on Sage Software to control and optimize products delivery to market, with distribution management software.


Bar Code Solution

Give end-users the power to accurately collect data and streamline warehouse processes to help the bottom line of your business.


Credit Card Processing – Sage Payment Solutions

Credit card processing makes up a big number in sales and overall business growth. Whether incoming orders are from mail or phone calls or internet sales, Sage Payment Solutions offers a convenient gateway. Payments can be accepted form Sales Order and Accounts Receivable modules and e-Business Manager securely. 24/7 online access to electronic reports on transactions is another considerable advantage of this solution.


Inventory Management Solution

Inventory management with Sage 100 ERP is easier than ever – receipt and movement of goods to and from various locations, sales, returns and other inventory activities require the precision of outstanding accounting system. This solution will provide results and keep end-users informed of inventory status at all times.


Purchase Order Solution

Track records and anticipate goods by using the Purchase Order module.


Return Merchandise Authorization Solution

Organization is the key to make this area efficient and Sage 100 ERP can integrate with this solution to help – organize returns, process replacements or credits or provide for repairs.


Sales Order Solution

To make the sales process faster, Sales Order can help the sales team by pick, pack, and ship abilities. Keeping track of special pricing, quantity pricing, credit limits and deposit information customers will experience professional grade and your business will gain their trust.


Sales Tax Awareness

Tax laws change constantly and keeping up with calculation, collection, and remittance of sales and use taxes are time consuming. Sales tax and use taxes calculation, reporting and other functions are automated with this solution to save time and lower audit risks. Tasks like jurisdiction assignment, rate research, maintenance to reporting, returns, and remittance are accomplished in less time and improve compliance.


Scanco Bar Code Solution

Inventory management requires great precision. Luckily, Scanco Bar Code Solution can connect RF devices to Sage 100 ERP to make more accurate information available.


StarShip Parcel Solution

Decrease shipping expenses and help keep a competitive edge with StarShip Parcel. This solution integrates with Sales Order to accommodate faster picking, packing, and shipping activities.


StarShip Freight Solution

StarShip Freight is suitable for less-than-truckload (LTL) and truckload (TL) shipments. You can use this solution and ship with your favorite carrier. Shopping for the best rates and faster transit times, dispatching a carrier for pick up and tracking progress are some of advantages when using this solution.


Your Next Steps

When you team up with ACC Software Solution’s premier team of consultants and implement Sage 100’s ERP solution, you’ll receive a team of experts committed to following ERP best practices, from selection to end user training.

Find out why distribution centers across the United States have come to us for over 25 years to execute their software projects—contact ACC Software Solutions today!

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