Big news! Today, after nearly 21 years, ACC is ushering in an era of change with a massive modernization initiative!

Since our founding in 1996, lots has changed within ACC, the enterprise software industry, and technology as a whole.  We have come to embrace change while still honoring our experiences.  It is a fine line, but one we are trying to walk day in and day out.  The next step for ACC is a fresh name, new look, modern style, and expanded portfolio.  Below, we break down each of these changes, what it represents, and what it means for the future of ACC.

We believe that this new brand identity more accurately reflects the company we are today and hope to be in the future.  As our President, Sean Atkins has said, “It’s more than just a new look. It’s a commitment to technology, and to our clients, the backbone and heart of everything we do.”

So Much More than Accounting

We knew when a group of people walked into our Cherry Hill office asking us to do their taxes, thinking that we were an accounting firm, that ACC Accounting Solutions no longer accurately represented who we are or what we do.  This same misunderstanding has occurred time and time again at various events and so, we knew it was time for a change.

It’s true that Financial and Accounting functionality is still at the core of the ERP solutions that we provide and support, but ultimately, these modern solutions offer so much more than accounting functionality.  That’s why ACC has dropped the “Accounting” from our name.

A New Modern Look

With a new name comes a new look!  The ACC visual brand has undergone significant transformation.  Our new visual identity aims to stay true to who we are as an organization while modernizing and moving the brand forward into the future.  We’ve got a fresh new website designed and developed by our New Jersey neighbors, Commexis.  The updated imagery and messaging on our website highlights the long-lasting partnerships we’ve built with our clients, and hope to continue to build in the future.

Our new logo has taken ACC “out of the box” so-to-speak.  It features the letters “ACC” but made up of four pieces, representing our four major services: Consulting, ERP implementation, Training, and continued Support.  The importance of these four services is repeated in our chosen domain, “,” our four core values and has become a recurring theme throughout the design process.

Mixing Experience and Modern Innovation

We at ACC have partnered with Sage software as a Value Added Reseller of Sage 100c (Formerly Sage 100 ERP, MAS 90, & MAS 200) for nearly 21 years.  With all of the changes we’ve undergone as an organization and will continue to usher in, our partnership with Sage will remain.  We will continue to provide consulting, implementation, training, and support services for current and future Sage 100c users.  We are and will continue to be advocates of this tried and true ERP solution.

However, we are expanding our portfolio to better serve our current and future clients as their businesses grow and their needs expand.  That’s why we’ve recently partnered with Acumatica Cloud ERP.  Acumatica is an innovative Cloud ERP solution which utilizes mobile accessibility and natively cloud technology with a unique, all-inclusive user licensing model to create a holistic, real-time view of your business anytime, anywhere.  Together, we will deliver Acumatica’s technology solutions to mid-sized businesses in New Jersey, Philadelphia, New York, and Delaware as well as nation-wide.  We are committed to providing the same quality consulting, implementation, training, and support services for Acumatica that we have been providing our Sage clients for years.

And so, we hope that you like the new look and feel of ACC!  Keep an eye out for more updates as we continue to build lasting relationships by delivering modern business solutions.

For more information, please review our Press Release on PRWeb.

Let us know what you think of our new look!

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