With so many employees working from home, the need for a centralized system to keep information and processes in one place is crucial. COVID-19 has caused organizations to reinvent the way they do business. While your business is adapting to a new reality, it may be time to think about the benefits of a postmodern technology system, sometimes referred to as an ERP.

An ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning system is a shared database, where data from multiple business processes are stored, updated, and accessed by multiple business units. One of the benefits, especially during COVID-19, is eliminating manual processes and disparate databases through integration, automation and reporting. Obviously, no company wants mistakes or inefficiencies especially during a time when business is conducted in a new manner. With this technology, these mistakes are eliminated and aid in the execution of business.

Without access to technology, the transition to remote work would not be possible. Companies need to keep a connected business network during this switch from in person to remote work. By allowing employees to have access to all information needed to perform their job within one system creates less chaos and allows for a smooth transition from work to home. The cloud offers complete access and a home base for all employees.

The financial side of your business is a valuable indicator of the company’s needs. An ERP system has capabilities that allow financials and other quantitative data to be collected and tracked. The ability to have your financial data stored in one place allows for daily tracking of spending and can aid in making valued financial decisions. The benefits of tracking your finances in an ERP include lower costs (no external hardware or IT support) and future financial planning based on historical data.

While there are many benefits to implementing an ERP system, accessibility for employees and tracking finances are key to sustaining business operations during the corona virus pandemic. At this point in time, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at technology that will help your company stay successful!

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