With Thanksgiving right around the corner, have you started preparing? Just like you would go shopping for your ingredients for this delicious holiday, you do the same when selecting an ERP system! Get your taste buds and ERP knowledge ready as we go through the preparation together.

Gathering The Supplies

Before any cooking can begin, you must get all the supplies. The first step: going to the food store and shopping around for every ingredient you need. In a similar way to Thanksgiving, you need to shop for the right ERP solution. You need to find the right “ingredients” to make the best ERP software for your company. Not sure where to start? Check out the 5 questions you should be asking yourself during the ERP selection process.


Making the Dinner

Now that you’ve purchased all the necessary ingredients, it’s time to start cooking! Start with the turkey, the main course. In an ERP sense, the turkey is your company. You begin the journey and are the main course.  Most Thanksgiving’s include a turkey and without your company, there would be no need for an ERP implementation. Up next is the stuffing. The stuffing represents your partner. What’s turkey without stuffing? The same question, what’s a company looking for an ERP solution without a partner to guide them, can be asked. Partners work closely with you to make sure you get great experience during the whole process. Not sure what to look for in a partner? Here are some tips to picking the right partner. What about the other sides, green beans, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes? Those could be considered the add-ons you decide to implement within your ERP system. Just like everyone’s plate is different on Thanksgiving, so is each ERP system. 

Hosting the Guests

No dinner is complete without guests. After all of the cooking, nothing is better than seeing a table full of happy guests. Thanksgiving dinner needs guests just like ERP implementation needs employee engagement. It is so important to include your employees in the process. After selection and agreement to implement this software, each person must be trained. This is where employee engagement and approval is so important as it will make the transition between systems easier. No one likes a quiet dinner table, just like no company would want a lack of employee engagement. 

Bringing out Dessert

No Thanksgiving dinner is complete without some dessert. Whether it’s pie, cheesecake, ice cream or whatever sweet treat, dessert is a must. The “dessert” for companies is the ROI or Return on Investment. Here is where you can finally enjoy the hard work and the sweet feeling of seeing success since implementation. Plus, who doesn’t love dessert?!



As you can see, planning your Thanksgiving dinner is comparable to planning an ERP project. From gathering ingredients to finishing with dessert, each step represents a vital part in the process. If you are interested in learning more about this software and how ACC can help, please call us at 856-335-1010 or email at! Happy Thanksgiving!

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