“We’re the brainiacs of business process,”

For any business owner, streamlining daily operations is integral to success. Whether it’s building a customer database, closing sales efficiently, emailing invoices or managing product distribution, there is a software solution out there to help in some capacity. But what if your current software is holding you back, making you feel stuck in an antiquated process? How can you tailor the software so it fits your needs, but won’t confuse or slow down your employees?

“We’re the brainiacs of business process,” says Sean Atkins, president and founder of ACC Accounting Solutions, headquartered in Cherry Hill with a branch office in Fresno, Calif. “We know that your software system is the lifeblood of your company, and sometimes you become stuck with it. We’re here to usher businesses into the next era.”

Despite the name, ACC Accounting Solutions is not an accounting firm. Founded by Atkins in 1996 in New York City, ACC is a software consulting firm that partners with some of the most well-known business-related software names in the industry, including Sage, one of the largest global suppliers of business management software for small and midsized businesses. Sage’s customers number upward of 5 million worldwide. ACC offers consulting and training for Sage ERP—its flagship accounting product—and Sage CRM, as well as Microsoft Management Reporter and FRx, among others.

The beauty of working with ACC for software solutions is that it’s not a one-size-fits-all arrangement. Atkins and his team can tailor a software solution that is purpose-built to a company’s specific needs. “When I meet with a business owner, I want to know what he/she loves and hates about their current system,” says Atkins. “If you like certain things about it, we’re going to embellish on those and make them even better. If there’s something you can’t stand, we’re going to turn off that process. I want to know the critical components of your business and marry the software to make them more efficient.”

The industries ACC serves run the gamut from light manufacturing and distribution to health care and financial firms. “What we do in terms of software is viable for companies across industries,” Atkins says. “It’s not just for automotive or medical industries. We work with social organizations, food and beverage manufacturers, health and human services, retail suppliers and traditional manufacturers in a global setting.”

Atkins knows the importance of business process improvement, and he wants the client to see how ACC can be a valuable business partner. “There are few companies in the country that are experts in Sage software the way we are,” he says, adding that ACC became a training partner for Sage in 1998. “We have trained new employees and executives on its software applications in cities across the U.S.

If you’re looking to implement updated software into your business, ACC recognizes the fear and nervousness that comes along with it. “When someone proposes a new software system, it’s their job on the line if it doesn’t do what we say it will do,” says Atkins. “Our unique implementation process involves training and nurturing the employees, building a pilot program and showing you a proof of concept. We want you to know that it will do what you want it to before it goes live.”

“We want to build and maintain individual client relationships on a business and personal level. ACC has never been about high volume. We’re going to bring an outside perspective and our nearly 20 years of experience to your business process and make it more efficient and manageable.”

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