Welcome to the New Year! Now that the champagne has been put away and you’ve rung in the New Year with family and friends, it’s time to make your return to the office. As your business returns to it’s daily operating activities, you’ll probably recall all of the inefficiencies you escaped and pushed to the back of your mind during the holidays. Commonly, this is when most companies begin contemplating a new software to improve outdated processes.

Let’s consider some signs that you might be ready for a new system.


You’re surrounded by a mountain of paperwork, and you just can’t seem to find the bottom of the pile.

While the idea of filling out multiple spreadsheets with the same information might be a great workout for your fingers, surely, you’ve thought, “There must be an easier way!”

Manual entries take time and errors can throw off your entire business. Products like Sage 100 or Acumatica can automate complex processes so you can focus on growing your business.


You’re receiving reports DAYS after you’ve requested them.

Accessing important business information in an instant is necessary to make well-informed business decisions. Are you waiting for days for someone to pull the latest financial statement or accounts receivable report? By the time you receive that report, it may not be entirely up-to-date.

A new ERP system will minimize the time spent on creating reports, allowing you to move on to more important projects. Plus, they’re usually located in a convenient dashboard that makes viewing real-time reports simple and helps you make better decisions faster.


You wish you could open real-time reports while on-the-go.

While you may be aware of the cloud, you may not understand how it actually works, or whether your business should be in the cloud — and that’s okay!

The cloud is not something to be frightened by, it’s something to be exploited to its fullest extent. A cloud-based ERP system can give you security and strength. Not only can you access your important data on-the-go, but there are security measures in place to ensure that only approved personnel can access your confidential company information.

Cloud-based ERP systems can be an inexpensive way to protect your data too. Because your data is available online, it drastically decreases the odds of data loss. Their built-in integrations have massive processing power that you can use to access your data faster. They are easy to update and provide your company the flexibility to grow in a fast-paced business environment.


Need help address your business-based New Year’s resolution?

ACC Software Solutions can help you achieve your New Year’s resolution of making your business better. With over 25 years of experience, the ACC team is here to walk you through every step. Contact us to begin your ERP discovery!

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