This post highlights my experience as a Senior ERP Consultant during my first Acumatica implementation.  If you are a current or prospective Acumatica user I would recommend reading our “6 Steps to ERP Implementation as Told by Dog Memes” or “Top 10 Times for a Successful ERP Implementation” posts for greater insight into the implementation process from a user’s perspective.

I recently worked on my first Acumatica Implementation and being new to the process and product, I thought I would share some insight into how to get started. I got lucky, this implementation was for a small startup that didn’t have any system to convert from. Their General Ledger was small and besides some Vendors and some Open Payables, there was not much to their data. It was perfect for me because it allowed me to go through the process and get everything setup without having to deal with an overwhelming data migration and implementation.

Acumatica on-demand demo

First a little background on the customer’s setup. They went with the Acumatica Small Business Edition on Amazon Web Services. They use Finance, Payables, Receivables, Inventory, Sales Order, Purchase Order, and CRM. This was pretty easy for us as once the sale went through we were provided with the URL and a login within just a few days. We also purchased 10 hours of Implementation Support from Acumatica to make sure we had a successful implementation.

My first question was, “What do I do and how do I get started?” I know what to do with the other ERP systems I’ve implemented but what about Acumatica? To simplify this, I submitted a New Implementation Case with Acumatica and I was assigned two implementation reps who I scheduled a call with. Our first call was just an overview of the project and the customer.

Next was getting started on the setup. I had scheduled a second call with Acumatica and here are the items we worked on first to get things set up.

  • Branches
  • Finance
    • Segment Keys (Chart of Accounts)
    • Chart of Accounts
      • Uploaded from customer provided data
    • General Ledger Preferences
    • Fiscal Year (cannot be adjusted)
    • Financial Periods
    • Ledgers
  • Payables
    • Vendor Classes
    • Accounts Payable Preferences
    • Vendors
      • Uploaded form customer provided data
    • Receivables
      • Customer Classes
      • Accounts Receivables Preferences
      • Customers
        • Uploaded from customer provided data
      • Cash Management (Banking)
        • In Transit Account
        • Payment Methods
        • Cash Accounts
        • Clearing Accounts
        • Entry Types
      • Non-Stock Items
        • Item Classes
      • Sales Order
        • Sales Order Preferences
        • Order Types
      • Purchase Order
        • Purchase Order Preferences
      • CRM

At this point, we had a system that was pretty much ready for the customer to begin testing. The Acumatica Implementation team were really helpful and very knowledgeable. They showed me some tricks along the way that has made working with the system a lot easier.

We then set up the user accounts and began the training process. We used our internal Sales Demo system for the training but we could have used their system as well.

Once training was complete the customer began testing in their system. Whenever they ran into a problem we were able to resolve it pretty quickly but I did have the Acumatica team available if I needed them (which I did).

Overall the implementation process has been pretty easy and smooth. Of course, there are still items to work on and issues to resolve. Going from now knowing how to start to heaving a functioning system in just two weeks was really great. Plus we got lucky with a great first customer.

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