In an industry where efficiency is constantly pursued but difficult to find, enterprise resource planning (ERP) can be a game-changer. Industry specific Manufacturing ERP software is used to plan, manage, and deliver specific functionalities to support manufacturers and manufacturing business operations. Modern manufacturing ERP systems are built to reinforce and integrate any business process, creating a complete business management platform for manufacturing companies — ultimately resulting in greater operational efficiency.


Processes Manufacturing ERP can help manage and streamline

Given the numerous daily process which must occur to keep a manufacturing facility running, implementing an ERP software is simply the right answer. Some examples of processes that ERP can help manage and streamline are listed below — be sure to note the various ways in which these processes can now “talk” to each other via ERP.

  • Inventory management: From MRO to equipment spares, ERP can act as a centralized resource for inventory tracking, data analysis and replenishment strategy.
  • Supply chain: ERP enables visibility and organization for vendor performance tracking and can draw on data from internal and external sources in order to assist with more efficient supply chain planning and management.
  • Maintenance: Manufacturing ERP software facilitates effective maintenance by centralizing scheduling, ticketing and work order management, while also enabling powerful data tracking and analytics to improve maintenance effectiveness.
  • Equipment performance tracking: ERP modules can store, track and analyze equipment performance data from sensors and reports, enabling more informed, proactive, targeted maintenance.
  • Quality assurance: Enterprise resource planning software can track QA results, creating vast data stores over time that can play a role in early identification of maintenance needs.
  • Purchasing: With ERP, purchasing and requisition can be easily organized and can operate with visibility into other relevant areas of the operation.
  • HR: In addition to manufacturing operations and support, ERP can also be applied to HR functions such as performance reviews, goal tracking and more.


Advantages of ERP for Manufacturing

There are many beneficial operational and financial advantages to having a modern, integrated manufacturing ERP system, both at the micro and macro levels. However, the most prominent advantages of ERP for manufacturing companies include:

  • Minimizing redundancy and automating processes to increase efficiency
  • Optimizing manufacturing operations for enhanced productivity
  • Improving supply chain, warehouse, transportation, and inventory management
  • Mitigating risk and increasing confidence around compliance
  • Providing better service to customers
  • Unifying departments and comparing metrics across the business
  • Eliminating the need for multiple systems that don’t communicate with one another
  • Capturing real-time reporting for your operations that you can quickly access
  • Centralizing operational and financial information for enhanced visibility and communication
  • Gaining the ability to adapt when faced with changes or disruption in the business environment


Your Next Steps

ERP software can streamline numerous processes, including maintenance planning, scheduling, and strategy. At ACC Software Solutions, one of our core missions is to help manufacturers make use of data-driven technologies such as ERP in order to keep plant operations up and running while continuously improving. To learn more about industrial maintenance and asset management solutions, contact our ACC Technical Support Team today.

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