Any efficient manufacturing process requires a streamlined system to promote automation and real-time management of data. Although there are many products on the market, most manufacturers prefer an Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP system.

No matter the size, scope, or product(s) that roll off the assembly line, ERP solutions are crucial for the success of manufacturing facilities. From automating multiple (and often) complex processes, to obtaining raw materials until the finished product is delivered to the customer’s door, it gives manufacturers a complete view of their production facility, so they can run leaner, strengthen customer loyalty, and increase their bottom line.


Here’s how an ERP solution can further enhance the efficiency of your manufacturing processes…


Create a streamlined inventory management system.

As you already know, the product lifecycle begins at the production stage and ends with delivery to the customer. To streamline this process, a complete materials management process is needed to match production with the demand of today’s ever-changing market. With the assistance of an ERP solution, the materials management process combines materials, tools, and techniques to create a unified manufacturing process. It helps to prevent a waste of resources and eliminates instances of insufficient stock.

Seamless Scalability.

The world is becoming more interconnected with each passing day. And with the need for certain products soaring, many manufacturing companies are reaping the benefits because they can operate on a global scale with minimal investments. However, not exploring these additional opportunities or having the power to explore these opportunities is hindering the growth of most.

Luckily, today’s modern ERP solutions have the advanced tools and features to solve the problems of expansion and scale with manufacturers as need. For instance, a manufacturing facility with an ERP system can identify opportunities within the market, locally or internationally, when it uses an ERP system. The result can be an international workforce, overseas facilities, and/or suppliers from multiple countries.

Achieve real-time visibility across the entire facility.

Today’s consumers expect above and beyond from their products. For instance, consumers will search for lower costing products if the market is on a downward spiral and thus, manufacturers must have the flexibility to adapt to these changes. In order to successfully adapt to market trends, manufacturers need a complete real-time view of their business. And you can only get such functions from an advanced ERP system.

Every element of the manufacturing process can benefit, some of the expected benefits include real-time data transfer, data accuracy, and reliable business communications. Therefore, partners, suppliers, and end-users can have accurate visibility of the entire manufacturing process.

Maintain facilities and machines.

Facility and machine maintenance is an essential element of any efficient manufacturing process. Worn-out and/or old facilities and machines simply can’t operate at their optimal capacity and thus, production gradually decreases. Regular facility and machine maintenance is a MUST but, be careful to not interrupt the production process.

Luckily, a modern ERP can help create prearranged maintenance routines to ensure that the facility and machines receive regular care (without interrupting regular production).

Reduce downtime.

Any amount of machine downtime creates interference to production, reduces efficiency, and causes unnecessary delays. To eliminate and/or reduce production downtime, you’ll need to keep a close eye and track machine downtime. If you perform production planning using an ERP, you will enhance worker shifts and workstation loads.

Gain access to business intelligence (BI).

Modern ERP solutions have the ability to create a continuous flow of information between various units. End-user can access this real-time information at any given time to collect, analyze, update, and control essential data. They can also produce regular updates and reports for the manufacturing firm management, allowing end-users to make high-quality business decisions.


Your Next Steps

Manufacturing facilities of any size (small or large) can harness the benefits of a modern ERP solution. Any ERP system can improve manufacturing efficiency, but an integrated ERP system will change your entire business.

When you team up with ACC Software Solution’s premier team of consultants, you’ll receive a team of experts committed to following ERP best practices, from selection to end user training.

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