The food and beverage industry is complex. With various product lines and manufacturing processes, producers face endless challenges – from product adjustments to the lack of consistency in packaging and pricing. At the same time, inventory management, supply chain logistics, and safety regulations must be met with superior attention.

The right ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software allows businesses to effectively adopt to the management challenges that come with being a food and beverage manufacturer, processor and/or distributor. Amid an unpredictable market, modern ERP software enables companies to fulfill customer orders, manage recipes, control inventory, plan and manage production, while staying up-to-date and compliant with all complexities which stem from increasing government regulations. Getting the right product to the right place at the right time in the right quantity is critical.

In a previous blog post, ERP for Food & Beverage, we discussed some challenges food and beverage companies face and an ERP solution solves those issues.

Benefits of ERP for the Food & Beverage Industry

Lot Traceability and Recall Management

Modern ERP solutions have functionalities to meet the ever-changing demands and regulations from the government. With powerful traceability tools, end-users are able to handle recalls, expiration management, sustainability, allergen-free production, labeling and other major trending concerns.

Visibility Over Operations

ERP solutions allow end-users to determine the scope of a potential recall and prevent contaminated foods from entering supply chain. With increased visibility into operations, lot tracking, and real-time data at any time, potential recalls can be handled with ease.

 Quality Assurance / Quality Control Processing

When it comes to product quality, the food and beverage industry understands the impact it can have on safety standards, customer satisfaction, and sales. The right ERP solution can offer functionalities that allow for separation and inspection of products by providing control processes within the system.

Reduce the Risk of Stock Outages

Take the assumptions out of forecasting with ERP. A single-centralized system helps track real-time demand and inventory levels to reduce unnecessary expenditures. Additionally, with faster reporting, end-users have the ability to make quicker and more effective decisions when it comes to price changes and inventory.

Reduce Costs and Manage Waste

Amid tight margins, controlling cost and reducing waste of both perishable goods and by-products is essential. Waste management can be an economic, environmental, and social challenge. With an advanced ERP software, end-users can gain greater insights into supply chain management, inventory tracking and product profitability.

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