Thousands of distributors across the United States rely on Sage 100 to control and optimize their products delivery to market. Sage 100 distribution management (formerly Sage MAS 90/200) provides industry specific tools to increase revenue, decrease costs, improve the customer experience, and manage your inventory more efficient. Getting your products out of the warehouse and into your customer’s hands requires diligence in quality and time management. Sage 100 provides you with the tools you need to satisfy customers and keep them loyal to your distribution organization.

Inventory Management

Generate reports on item pricing, stock status, detailed sales history, backorder information, reorder points and recommendation, valuation, turnover, sales analysis, and much more.


Business Alerts

Monitor quantity changes to critical inventory items and maintain ideal stocking levels. Formulate new or improved purchasing policies, sales policies, pricing methods. Use insights to improve customer service.


Fully Customizable Interface

Customize your distribution environment to enforce the collection of all the information you need to stay compliant.



Stay in control of your data while benefiting from cloud-based services and applications. Access relevant information from anywhere.


Bar Code Solution

Modernize your entire warehouse process by providing the shipping and receiving team with the power to collect data rapidly and accurately. It helps the bottom line your business by organization.


Credit Card Processing powered by Sage Payment Solutions

Credit card processing makes up a big number in sales and overall business growth. Whether incoming orders are from mail or phone calls or internet sales, Sage Payment Solutions offers a convenient gateway. Payments can be accepted form Sales Order and Accounts Receivable modules and e-Business Manager securely. 24/7 online access to electronic reports on transactions is another considerable advantage of this solution.


Purchase Order Solution

Integration capabilities in Purchase Order module make purchasing process effective and accurate. You can track records and anticipate goods by using this module within your organization.


Return Merchandise Authorization Solution

Return Merchandise Authorization can be a tough task; however, by utilizing this module, you can organize returns, process replacements or credits or repairs.


Sales Order Solution

To make the sales process faster, Sales Order can help the sales team by pick, pack, and ship abilities. Keeping track of special pricing, quantity pricing, credit limits and deposit information customers will experience professional grade and your business will gain their trust.


Sales Tax Awareness

Tax laws change constantly and keeping up with calculation, collection, and remittance of sales and use taxes are time consuming. Sales tax and use taxes calculation, reporting and other functions are automated with this solution to save time and lower audit risks. Tasks like jurisdiction assignment, rate research, maintenance to reporting, returns, and remittance are accomplished in less time and improve compliance.


Make the Right Choices for your Business

You need a business management solution that will help you cut costs, while increasing revenues.

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