Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software provides great functionality for distributors alike. From financial management to sales, human resources, inventory, supply chain, and customer relationship management, an ERP system streamlines business processes into a single location. As a result, end-users are typically more efficient and productive with their every-day tasks.

Nevertheless, increasing efficiency and productivity is just one benefit of an ERP solution; distributors can overcome a variety of challenges, including:


Inventory & Stock Management

Problem: Inventory management is the most important piece of any distribution company. Instances of excess inventory, low inventory, or out-of-stock inventory is more than unfavorable. Distributors heavily rely on consumers to sustain their sales, and a variety of factors can influence a sell-rate, including economic conditions and supply chain challenges.

Solution: Luckily, an ERP system mitigates these challenges with an integrated warehouse management system (WMS) which can automate and streamline a variety of operations. Additionally, the incorporation of barcode scanners will improve efficiency while reducing costs.


Import & Export of Merchandise

Problem: In recent years, the cost of manufacturing goods overseas has increased exponentially, and many facilities have been moved back to the United States. While domestic operations simplifies supply chain management and lowers shipping costs, making the move presents a variety of complex logistics. Without a complete view into financials, shipments, inventory, and manufacturing processes, it can be difficult to remain cost effective.

Solution: An ERP system offers real-time, full visibility into all data, from anywhere at any time. With automatic revenue recognition and sub-account support, an ERP will simplify complex supply chain management.


Data Collection Errors & Redundancy

Problem: When using multiple different software ‘solutions’, you run a higher risk of human error and data redundancy, which ultimately leads to inefficiency. Re-entering data is time-consuming and interferes with other important processes and revenue-generating opportunities. Furthermore, repetitive data creates confusion, increases order times, and disrupts material purchasing and order fulfillment.

Solution: With an ERP solution, data is stored in one centralized location and be accessed from anywhere at any time (by an approved end-user). Real-time profitability can be viewed by warehouse down to individual product lines and locations. You can therefore control costs across the supply chain and automate everything from sales orders to the entire purchasing process.


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