As technology continues to develop and the demand for products is ever-changing, managing your logistics and supply chain brings new challenges every day. From meeting customer demands for efficiency and improved margins, to effectively managing your routes and carriers* – transportation requires accuracy, speed, and flexibility in order to improve compliance, minimize costs, and maximize resources.

*Route optimization helps businesses map the most cost-efficient routes for their delivery vehicles. Many factors need to be considered when calculating routes. Some of the main considerations include all required stop locations, the total number of stops, traffic conditions, and any time windows required for deliveries.

Regardless of your organizations size and strength, ERP systems can provide the ideal solution for all of your transportation operations, helping you overcome overhead expenses, unforeseen break-down scenarios, unexpected downtime, and more.


ERP Route Management Features

With the power of ERP and transportation management features, you can accurately forecast demand and shipment volumes, enhance freight management, consolidate orders, maximize the return on your transportation spend, and gain real-time visibility into domestic and international shipping across all transportation modes – basically achieve all of your transportation goals. Here are some key features:

Requirements Management Streamline your requirements management process by integrating the transportation order processing with order-to-cash and order-to-pay processes and get your required visibility. By centralizing transportation management requirements, you can reduce redundant tasks and focus on value-added activities.

Optimize Shipments – Plan, consolidate, and optimize shipments while instantaneously considering constraints, costs, and penalties.

Carrier Booking – Collaborate with carriers, reserve capacity for shipments, change booking confirmations and shipping instructions, and better coordinate transportation activities. By tendering orders to one or many carriers, you can choose the preferred carrier for your shipments based on optimization and ranking techniques.

Effectively Monitor Transportation – Manage communication with carriers, dispatch and track freight orders, and maintain necessary documentation. Full integration to your warehouse management system enables faster, more dynamic, and responsive logistics execution and improved cargo handling.

Route Planning – Evaluate a pool of orders, and determine the optimal transportation mode, route, and carrier to minimize expenses within the required customer service level constraints.

Appointment Scheduling – Check availability of docks for loading and unloading items. You can receive notifications for scheduled appointments and bypass issues when more than one carrier arrives at a given location at a given time.

Dispatch Planning – Dispatch material from multiple sales orders and achieve the required flexibility to plan dispatch and loading effectively.

Finance Support – Manage the actual exchange of cash between your company and cost or revenue centers, such as freight invoicing, and accounting, reduce errors on invoices paid, and ensure more accurate freight ratings.

KPI Identification – Get insight into KPIs such as percentage of on-time pick up, percentage of on-time delivery, cost per metric, productivity in operational or monetary terms, and percentage utilization.

Transport Follow-Up – Carry out the required physical or administrative operation regarding transportation: event by event traceability of transport, custom clearance, invoicing, delivery of shipment, and set alerts.


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