You’ve done the research and you’re ready to invest in an ERP solution, but now what? The next step in your ERP journey is choosing the right partner / consultant. Choosing the right ERP partner is the most critical decision you will make (after choosing to begin your ERP journey). Ultimately, your partner selection will make or break your ERP project.


Customization & Implementation

ERP solution packages are very rarely an “out-of-the-box” perfect fit. Your ERP partner should provide customized reports, customized fields, and API integrations. Luckily, modern ERP solutions are easily configured to individual business needs and can often be relatively inexpensive without touching the source code and restful API connections are allowing businesses to embrace the multi-cloud world.

Your ERP partner should adopt a collaborative mindset, communication is key in a successful ERP project. Partners should provide a clear and detailed project timeline to keep track of milestones and progress throughout the implementation process.

End-User Training

A good partner will provide your end users with ample training on your new ERP solution. In addition, a partner should assist in change management and employee engagement. The goal of training is to provide confidence in the ERP solution and your new partner.


Continued Support

Partner support shouldn’t end at your go-live. Support in year 5 is just as essential as day 1. A reliable partner will continue to ‘have your back’ throughout the entire ERP journey. This means your partner should be responsive and reliable in case of system malfunctions. Your partner will be your lifeline in dire situations, and you should have confidence in their ability to resolve any situation that arises.


When searching for a partner, a buyer should also consider…

  • Customer references focusing on successful projects and industry expertise.
  • The Partner’s relationship with the software vendor, product, and third-party solutions.
    • Is there collaboration with the publisher and third-party vendors to fill services delivery gaps?
    • Is the partner fully trained, certified, and in good standing with the publisher?
  • Does the partner understand your business requirements?
    • Did the partner address the requirements with specific solutions using industry appropriate terminology, processes and workflows, sample data, and exhibit proof with reports and dashboards?
  • Did the partner present detailed implementation methodologies customized for your needs?
    • Is there project management, go-live readiness, set milestones, and frequent assessment reviews build into their project plan?

This is an excerpt from our ERP Buyer’s Guide.  Discover the Roadmap to a successful ERP Journey by downloading your guide today!

Choosing the right partner is essential for a successful ERP implementation (and beyond!). To get your ERP journey started, contact one of our support specialists today!

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