Step 3 of the ACC Software Solutions ERP Implementation Process: Discovery Workshop


The purpose of the Discovery Workshop is to gain an understanding of your (the customer’s) business and its processes. Generally, we will look at: what processes are broken, and what the processes ideally should look like. By understanding your pain points and costs associated with those pain points, we can better understand the main points of concern and create justification for your project. The Discovery Workshop includes looking at your company’s corporate structure, lines of business, departments, and product lines, as well as diving into your business processes, as such as quote to cash, procure to pay, and issue resolution.

The ACC team will present you with a proposal for a standard implementation project, with the understanding that once the Discovery Workshop is completed, the project proposal could be adjusted based upon our findings.

Again, the goal of the Discovery Workshop is to establish a common vision of what the project hopes to accomplish. During this process, your project goals, risks, and constraints will be established and documented.


1. Establish the Project Team

Your project team should include subject matter experts, business process owners that represent all aspects of your business, project sponsors, and stakeholders. Team members should be active system users with a strong knowledge of current processes and limitations.


2. Discovery Meeting

During the Discovery Workshops, the ACC team will interview with designated project team members to get an in-depth understanding of your business. Prior to these meetings, you will be provided with an agenda that includes topics of discussion and any other items the project team needs to have handy or prepared to demonstrate.


3. Identify Potential Gaps, Risks, and Solutions

It’s important to identify all the areas where your current system doesn’t meet company needs and expectations. Additionally, you need to identify any potential risks that will affect your project. Factors that typically present rick to a project include:

  • Poorly defined agenda or project scope
  • Lack of project resources
  • Lack of executive support
  • Lack of visibility of the project status
  • Poor data that will require extensive cleaning
  • Competing projects
  • Large number of add-on solutions
  • Complex interfaces
  • Large number of customizations


4. Design Documents

After your Discover Workshop meeting, the ACC team will prepare an in-depth design document which includes your project requirements, the reason you’re initiating the project, and your success criteria. It’s important that you, as the customer, validates this document as this information will be used throughout your project life cycle to ensure that the scope is adhered to and to ensure that all of your objectives were met.


5. Statement of Work Approval

This document will determine the terms and conditions of the engagement and will display your project pricing. Your approval if this document is essential to the start of your project.


Begin your ERP Project

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