It is no secret that remote work has become a huge part of the working world. With the sudden change, it may be hard for employees to make the transition. To help with the shift, here are five ways to become a work from home pro during COVID-19.

 Keep Communication Consistent

With in person to remote work becoming so prevalent, it is more important than ever to keep communication lines open. Co-workers, managers and other leadership need to be speaking and working with their employees to ensure their transition is going well. Keeping communication and “check ins” will increase employee trust and help with this unprecedented change. Communication does not have to just be work related, try to engage your fellow coworkers to have virtual hangouts, like a virtual happy hour. Try to mix in fun with work to relieve stress and lighten the mood.

Pick Your Workspace

This might be one of the most important things in adapting to remote work. According to a Nulab Blog, Adjusting to remote work, 28.6% of remote workers are doing business from a home office while 28.5% currently work from their bed. The article continues to comment that you should not work from a place you associate with comfort as it can could lower your productivity. Try to make your workspace as similar as your original workspace, meaning a hard surface where your work is easily accessible.

Work/Life Balance

While it’s great to have a new commute from bed to desk, keep that work/life boundary in place. It is imperative that you continue to separate your work from your other life responsibilities. To maintain this balance, make sure to log off at your normal office time. When you log off, take that time to enjoy yourself, spend time with family and friends, exercise or just relax on the couch. Allow yourself away time, it will make you a happier and well-balanced employee when you have time to yourself.

Keep A Schedule

It’s great having that extra hour or so to sleep, but don’t let this new routine interrupt your new work schedule. Getting up around the same time and getting dressed in semi-work clothes (No PJs) keeps that schedule going.  Log onto work at the same time, take a lunch and sign off at a reasonable time. Staying consistent with an agenda can help create some normalcy and a work life balance.

Take Breaks

Working in general requires breaks. It is not healthy for your mind or body to sit in front of a computer for eight hours uninterrupted. In the Nulab blog, they suggest a trick: 20-20-20, every twenty minutes, take a twenty second break and look at something from twenty feet away. Another time you can take a break is being able to run quick errands during the day. Taking breaks during the workday can be beneficial to give your eyes a break and to stretch your legs.


Becoming a work-from-home pro will not happen overnight. However, following these tips to get started or to revamp your work from home habits can help the process!  If you want to learn more about creating a better network during COVID-19, please visit us at www.4acc.com/

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