Sage 100 is an easy, affordable, and customizable business management solution. With Sage 100, track manufacturing, distribution, inventory and more.


For any business to thrive, it is necessary to do quality resource planning*. A proper resource plan helps in supporting your finances and expanding your business. And when it comes to managing resources in the manufacturing industry, nothing is better than Sage 100 ERP software.

*A quality resource plan is a document, or several documents, that together specify quality standards, practices, resources, specifications, and the sequence of activities relevant to a particular product, service, project, or contract.

Sage 100 is an ERP software solution for all your business’s needs – simplify the manufacturing process, issue work orders, maintain bills, and much more. With different modules for managing inventory, generating sales orders, streamlining material procurement, and other processes, your daily business operations will be running smoother than ever.


Let’s have a more in-depth look at how Sage 100 ERP can benefit your manufacturing business:


Inventory Management

Inventory management is the foundation of every manufacturing facility – track the availability of raw materials and finished products, perform an assessment of stored goods, and forecast demand.

The availability of raw materials directly affects the production chain; a shortage of raw materials can shut down your production lines and delay work orders, while an incorrect assessment of stored goods can lead to errors in calculating the cost of goods sold, which in turn affects your organization’s gross profitability.

With Sage 100 ERP, you can complete physical counts and pre-define stock levels for timely restocking – it allows you to keep a detailed history of all transactions, ensuring you perform an accurate evaluation. In conjunction, you can use up to 30 alphanumeric characters to identify items and track them by using a designated item or lot number; this means you can maintain separate inventory for multiple warehouses, allowing you to track stock individually. Lastly, you can calculate commissions, track warranty, and create price schedules for comprehensive pricing.

Generate Bill of Materials

Can you drive your car without keys? No! Similarly, a manufacturing facility cannot properly function without the Bill of Materials (BOM). It contains critical information like the number of parts required, type of material used, and cost and time required for manufacturing. While a correct BOM can help you reap better profits, an inaccurately defined BOM can lead to decreased efficiency and wasted resources.

And this is where Sage 100 ERP comes into play because it supports 99 levels of bill detailing! This simply means, for a specific part, you can define up to 99 sub-parts and furthermore, it offers nine categories of bill options, allowing you to create customized bills for different versions of your parts. Sage 100 can

also record manufactured products into the inventory while simultaneously removing the component materials, facilitating accurate analysis of your inventory.

Purchase and Sales Orders

In order for any manufacturing facility to function seamlessly, it is essential to always have the required ingredients or parts in stock. Luckily, Sage 100 provides you with the proper tools to create detailed purchase orders which define price, vendor, and special shipping instructions and, automatically generate a purchase order when your stock falls below a pre-defined degree. Additionally, you can synchronize purchase orders for specific sales groups, process material requisition orders, track taxes, and keep a detailed record of your transactions.

Furthermore, Sage 100 offers superior tools and features to optimize your distribution outflow. From personalized data entry options to real-time data visibility, you’ll cut down on manual tasks to further improve productivity.

Planning Material Requirements

The materials required for each manufacturing facility should be carefully planned and monitored. While a shortage of materials can lead to costly production delays and increased production costs, having too much of a specific material leads to discarding of raw materials and dead assets.

With Sage 100 ERP, you can efficiently manage open sales order and sales projection to help plan material requirements and purchase orders accordingly. You can also, process sales data to calculate the amount of material needed beforehand to avoid costly production delays and perform timely order completion. And, since you will have just the right amount, it also ensures your resources aren’t wasted unnecessarily.

Generating Work Order and Shipping Products

Sage 100 ERP allows you to create work orders, offering complete control over your daily business operations – customize schedules, work orders, track manufacturing costs, create work order estimates, track tool requirements, and maintain daily transactions.

To ensure customer satisfaction, your products should be shipped securely and delivered on time. Error in shipping can delay delivery, and/or result in the loss or damage of a package. Not only could this hurt the credibility of your organization, but it also results in extra overhead charges. Luckily, Sage 100 allows you to deliver shipments in a timely and economically intelligent manner.


Sage 100 for Manufacturing

Sage ERP 100 is the modern solution you need. While you captivate your customers with top quality products, timely delivery, and premium services, it keeps things economical for you. Effective inventory management, precise BOM, and secure shipping are just some of the perks it offers.


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