Similarly, to many other manufacturers, you’re probably still recovering from the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your supply chain many have weakened, causing sudden shutdowns and delays. And, more likely than not, you’ve probably ran into challenges with your current ERP software, making you questions whether it’s the nest choice for your business.

In a recent CIO article shared by IDC analyst Mickey North Rizza he explained, “The COVID-19 pandemic has become the ERP market tipping point, quickly educating organizations on the need to digitize the business with modern cloud ERP systems.”

If you’re having difficulties maximizing the results of your ERP software, it’s probably time to upgrade your legacy ERP to a more modern and flexible ERP solution. But, how are you certain it’s time to make the change? Here are three signs that your current ERP isn’t cutting it anymore – and what you should do about it.


(1) Your current ERP doesn’t enable timely decision-making. Your legacy ERP solution probably doesn’t provide you with the visibility you need to make critical real-time decisions. If you’re always reviewing past figures rather than real-time data or if it take you’re a significant amount of time to view an up-to-date supply chain status, it’s time to upgrade your software.

A modern ERP solution will give you complete visibility to make better decisions in less time, providing your team with the tools they need to respond to today’s ever-changing market. Additional features including reporting and analytics give you the ability to design custom dashboards and inquires based upon a select criteria.


(2) Your ERP doesn’t integrate with other technology. If your current legacy system refuses to integrate with additional business applications or let you capitalize on the tremendous potential that the industrial internet of things (IIoT) offers, it’s definitely holding your organization back. Your current end-users are probably compensating their valuable schedules for time-consuming manual processes and your IT team is investing more resources than necessary to create custom integrations that end up breaking as soon as software changes or updates. This inflexibility is a major red flag.

Modern ERP software is integration-friendly, featuring application programing interfaces (APIs) which support secure links with other business applications. End-users are additionally able to access features and dashboards on their preferred mobile device with the mobile friendly feature. Most importantly, a modern ERP solution, allows you to take full advantage of new technology rather than withholding your business. In a time of continuous digital transformation, this is a core benefits than any manufacturer can appreciate.


(3) Your ERP is too challenging to maintain. While making do with your current ERP, you’ve probably encountered the stage of hidden technology debt. The IT costs of supporting your current system are greater than those of implementing a whole new ERP solution.

By implementing a modern ERP solution, you’ll reduce overall ERP expenses and free your IT team to focus on more important projects such as, digital transformation to advance your market position. Modern ERP partners keep your software up and running, while maintaining regular updates that don’t accidentally break any customizations. Your IT team will thank you for updating your software and you can enjoy a more reliable. Up-to-date solution that requires far less hands-on intervention than its predecessor did.


Know when to upgrade your ERP solution

The COVID-19 pandemic has made is clear that a modern, flexible ERP system is a must to remain competitive in today’s market.

If your current legacy ERP isn’t cutting it anymore, you’ve probably already noticed system flaws like slow decision making, poor integration with additional technology, and the level of difficulty to maintain. A modern ERP will solve these challenges, giving you the freedom and flexibility to quickly address challenges and opportunities alike.

To learn more about a modern ERP solution or to begin your ERP journey, contact the ACC team. We are excited to walk you through the process of growing your business!

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